Sponsors – Spring 2016

Wise minds throughout history have said that it takes one year to get something new off the ground and two years to work out the most significant kinks. In Year 3, though, those brilliant men and women throughout history have determined that innovative experiences truly take hold and begin marking their legacy.

It just so happens (imagine the coincidence) that this is Year 3 of CMEpalooza, a one-of-a-kind, semi-annual bonanza that brings together the best of the continuing medical education (CME) community for a full day of high-quality, FREE online education.

And we’re here again this year to let our platform work for our potential sponsors.

Since opening up sponsorship opportunities in the fall of 2014, more than 35 companies and organizations have aligned themselves with CMEpalooza, showing faith in the ability of our platform to get their names out and promote their businesses through regular exposure via our website and social media channels.

To see all of the reasons why you should consider a sponsorship for CMEpalooza Fall in 2016, please click here for the Sponsorship Prospectus.

Want some more reasons to consider sponsorship? Check out this infographic with all kinds of interesting facts and figures from CMEpalooza Fall 2015.

***Confirmed CMEpalooza Spring Sponsors***


Genentech Logo

Genentech sees scientists, researchers, and medical professionals working together to solve the world’s most pressing problems. We see patients coming together to for communities. We see organizations providing education, raising awareness and providing much-needed support. That’s why we offer support, resources, and funding.

Genentech—Doing now what patients need next.


PlatformQ Health Education

PlatformQ Health Education (PQH) is a digital education company that uses cutting-edge video and virtual technologies to produce live, online education for healthcare providers and patients. The mission at PQH is to be the world’s leading producer of interactive, online educational events. The company aims to create next-generation digital educational experiences that:

  • Deliver practical, relevant and fair-balanced educational content in sessions led by expert clinicians from around the world
  • Facilitate synchronous interaction and adult learning, and
  • Foster a global community of education, improved patient outcomes, and social responsibility

PlatformQ Health Education works with leading CME/CE providers to develop the highest quality CME programs for health care professionals.


Vivacity Consulting
Erin Schwarz, CEO/Principal Consultant

Vivacity Consulting offers you highly acclaimed assistance for all aspects of continuing medical education design, implementation and evaluation, as well as assistance with the ACCME accreditation process. Our Goal: reduce your workload, simplify the CME paperwork for content planners, improve the quality and impact of the education offered, and increase the appeal of your organization’s activities. We can assist you with the details of a strategic program review so that you  can successfully implement exciting and useful new ideas, like those being covered during CMEpalooza.

Vindico Medical Education

Robert Esgro, Chief Operating Officer

Vindico Medical Education is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and experience, reducing care variation, and accelerating the translation of evidence into practice. As a premier medical education company, Vindico is focused on designing interventions that address the gaps observed in health care. Using proven models, principles, and processes, Vindico engages health care professionals and collaborates with health care systems and payers to achieve the desired outcomes. Vindico has been awarded Accreditation with Commendation status from the ACCME and Accreditation with Distinction by the ANCC. Vindico also is an accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education through the ACPE. Vindico produces hundreds of successful educational activities each year and implements medical education programs globally.

David M. Clausen, CHCP, Vice President, Educational Strategy

Founded in 1990, RMEI Medical Education (RMEI) is one of the longest operating medical education companies in the U.S. With an emphasis on sophisticated learner analytics for program design, delivery and assessment, RMEI works to elevate the dialogue on what makes for effective education. In designing innovative teaching modalities such as the Clinical Convergence™ platform for its five primary therapeutic areas, RMEI seeks to inspire greater collaboration within the care team and stronger commitment to patient engagement.

RMEI’s vision is to positively impact quality outcomes in the healthcare delivery system by designing CME initiatives that address gaps in care at the national, regional and local level.

infograph-ed logo with TM-01

Karen Roy MSc CHCP, Principal

Infograph-ed is a service that develops engaging visual solutions for data representation through infographic design. It is a partnership between an industry medical affairs specialist and a PhD scientist with graphic design expertise. With a combined medical communications experience of more that 30 years, skilled in strategic planning, resource allocation and management of medical communications, and medical education, our team has experience in multiple therapeutic areas and the ability to communicate with influence at all levels, from patients to CEOs.

Impact Education, LLC
Steve Casebeer, MBA, Executive Vice President

Impact Education, LLC (IMPACT), is a leader in continuing education (CE) for managed care and payer professionals. IMPACT conducts a variety of innovative activities for the managed care and payer audience such as ManagedCareHemo.com and a related initiative that emphasizes collaboration between payers, providers, and patients: the Comprehensive Care Sustainability Collaborative. Other unique learning platforms include: The Managed Care Review Board™ ManagedCareReviewBoard.com and Specialty Pharmacy Review BoardTM.

IMPACT has an audience generation platform, MC Impact: Reaching Managed Care, with an exclusive database consisting of over 12,000 qualified managed care and other payer professionals derived from more than 140 certified activities that target important decision-makers, including Medical Directors, Pharmacy Directors, Specialty Pharmacists, and Clinical Pharmacists. MC Impact can offer targeted hosting and distribution opportunities to CE providers who want to reach this unique audience and improve participation rates for their activities.

CE providers can also leverage IMPACT’s unique learning or audience generation platforms specifically designed for the managed care and payer audience. Activities hosted by MC Impact have on average 2,500 participants and 300-400 completers. MC Impact can help CE providers create awareness for activities through custom e-blasts, targeted social media marketing campaigns, and effective search engine optimization tactics.

Directing education to managed care and payer professionals requires a precise approach, one that differs from traditional approaches employed to reach practicing clinicians. IMPACT learners are classified according to their organizations, titles, and functional positions, including health technology assessment (HTA) and pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committee members. As the health care landscape continues to evolve, IMPACT learners are also being proactively identified according to their accountable care organization (ACO) affiliations.

Rob Lowney, Principal/Managing Director

Experienced, committed, and passionate are 3 words that describe the people that work at CMEology. Our activities are both traditional and innovative. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve seen first-hand how CME can make a difference. However, funding and resources are decreasing. That’s why we are devoted to demonstrating the value of CME.

Our research on how CME saves healthcare costs has been featured in CBS Money Watch, Fierce Healthcare, Medical Marketing and Media, Medical Meetings, Medscape News, Policy and Medicine, The Wall Street Journal Online, and numerous other news outlets.

Clinical Care Options
Alyce Kuklinski, NP, RN, General Manager

Clinical Care Options (CCO) is a leader in the development of innovative educational technology platforms that integrate all levels of medical education and information with personalization and moderated social media. CCO has been a pioneer in the creation of continuing education and decision support resources for healthcare professionals both in the United States and around the globe for more than a decade. Our expert faculty and innovative educational offerings span specialty areas including Virology, Immunology, Oncology, Cardiology, and Diabetes.

Register today at clinicaloptions.com.

Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL)
Lisa Keckich, Executive Director

For more than 20 years, ACHL has demonstrated its commitment to accredited medical education and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our clients. Our personal touch and attention to detail are the cornerstones of our success. Located in Chicago, ACHL is an independent, full-service accredited (Commendation) medical education provider that meets the standards of the ACCME and other healthcare education accrediting bodies.

ACHL’s mission is to design, develop, and implement quality continuing education activities that will have a positive influence on the way healthcare is practiced and ultimately to improve the quality of care provided to patients. ACHL manages more than 225 activities a year in a range of established and innovative formats designed to meet the educational needs of healthcare providers across specialty and discipline.