Sponsors – Spring 2017

Throughout the Obama administration, CMEpalooza played it relatively safe. Yes, we were new and we were innovative, but we didn’t promise anything crazy like building a firewall to prevent international participants from viewing sessions or rallying our audience with threats to lock up providers who didn’t achieve Accreditation with Commendation from the ACCME. I mean, really, who would have taken us seriously if we had?

(Pause for ironic rolling of the eyes)

Well, a new day has dawned and, like it or not, our broader world is going to evolve. And here at CMEpalooza headquarters, we’ve decided to embrace change and make some tweaks to the way we do things that, we hope, will make our events shine even brighter.

It’s thanks to the many organizations who have supported CMEpalooza with their sponsorship dollars that we have been able to push the envelope, and we’re hoping that the CME community will continue to help us nudge our fellow professionals along again in 2017.

In the past 3 years, more than 40 companies and organizations have aligned themselves with CMEpalooza, showing faith in the ability of our platform to get their names out and promote their businesses through regular exposure via our website and social media channels.

In 2017, we are again inviting CME providers, supporters, and service companies to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities with CMEpalooza Spring (Wednesday, April 19) and CMEpalooza Fall (Wednesday, October 18). We have individual and package sponsorships available, as well as other creative opportunities to promote your company (branded Q&A text lines, banner advertisements, and other knick knacks).

You can download a Sponsorship prospectus by going to this link to see all of the options we have available. There is a variety of demographic data available with facts and figures about our history and our audience, along with details about everything we offer each and every CMEpalooza sponsor.

As companies sign up to confirm their sponsorship, you’ll see them listed below. If history is any guide, the list grows fast.