Fall 2016

CMEpalooza Fall is a 1-day event scheduled for Wednesday, October 19, 2016, that will feature a series of unique sessions focused on topics relevant to the broad CME community. Broadcasts will stream live on the LIVE page of this website and be available for viewing shortly after their conclusion on the Archive page. There is no charge to view or participate in any of these sessions.

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10 AM ET
The Brief, Wondrous Life of a Grant Request Click here to view Archive
Sponsored by Global Academy for Medical Education, LLC
After every CMEpalooza, we ask participants to complete a survey where we ask for suggested topics for future paloozas. With the inevitableness of death, taxes, and Ryan Howard striking out, the most frequently requested topic is always for more information about the grant request process. Ask and you shall receive! Are you a provider who wonders what happens to your grant once you hit ‘Submit’?  Are you a supporter who wonders if there may be a different way to coordinate your grant review process? For this session, we have gathered together representatives from a number of different commercial supporters who are each intimately familiar with the grant processes of their organizations (and potentially others from past lives). We will be reviewing the life cycle of a grant request, how it may vary from company to company, and maybe even discuss a few tips to help individuals who are responsible for submitting these grant requests.

Riaz Baxamusa, CHCP, MBA, Associate Director of IME Grants, Astellas Pharma

Sue McGuinness, PhD, CHCP, Senior Manager, Medical Education Grants Office, AstraZeneca
Julia Shklovskaya, Manager, Independent Medical Education and Medical External Affairs, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Amanda Solis, Senior Manager, Healthcare Education, Independent Grants for Learning & Change, Pfizer

11 AM ET
Casual Conversations in CME Click here to view the Archive
Sponsored by Forefront Collaborative
There are lots of interesting people working in continuing medical education, but when they are asked to speak or present, it’s often on a pre-assigned topic with a somewhat rigid agenda. Not this time. In this unique session, we’ve paired together 3 teams of individuals from a various of backgrounds and given them 15 minutes of carte blanche time to decide what they want to talk to each other about. You might hear about their career paths, you might hear about something they are both professionally passionate about, or you might even hear about their mutual love of iguanas. You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Team 1
Hilary Schmidt, PhD, Co-Founder, Calibre Institute for Quality Medical Education
Robert Bartel, Chief Innovation Officer, Endocrine Society
Team 2
Jann Balmer, Director of CME, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Ron Murray, EdD, CHCP, FACEHP, CPD Consultant
Team 3:
Mike LoPresti, Senior Director of Medical Education, Global Academy for Medical Education
Ro Brual, CME Consultant, Eli Lilly and Company

Noon ET
Lunchtime Session Sponsored by Genentech
Practical Application of TELMS: You’re Probably Already Doing It
Click here to view Archive
You may have seen a presentation or two at an industry conference on a learning model called TELMS. Or maybe you’ve taken in a talk or two on behavioral science. But, if these still seem a bit foreign or tough to use in your daily work, this talk is designed for you: in fact, you are likely applying principles of behavioral science and TELMS, without using those labels.

This session will be moderated by an expert in behavior and learning science, who will share core tenets of the science of behavior and how it can work to our advantage when planning learning programs for HCPs and patients. He will be joined by folks from two very different organizations (an AMC and a MECC/patient advocacy society partnership) who tackled a similar clinical gap, but through radically different program designs and evaluation plans, each of which still are aligned with TELMS and learning and behavior science tenets. A member of the original Working Group that developed TELMS will be on hand to answer tough questions on the model during Q&A.

Rob Peters, Senior Vice President, Strategy, MicroMass Communications

Andrea Harshman, MHA, CHCP, CMP-HC, Director, Office of Professional Education, National Jewish Health
Mike LoPresti, Senior Director of Medical Education, Global Academy for Medical Education
Caroline Robinson, PhD, Senior Manager, Medical Education, Learning & Clinical Integration, US Medical Affairs, Genentech

1 p.m. ET
Bringing Innovation to the Annual Conference Floor Click here to view Archive
Sponsored by Healio.com Education Lab
This session will focus on ways that associations are doing unique things to broaden their educational platform at the annual conference beyond simply having attendees sit in sessions and fill out electronic forms to claim credits at the end of the conference. There are some really innovative concepts and creative programming going on, and our panelists will highlight some of the ideas they have executed and planned.

Anne D. Grupe, MS Ed., Director, CE, Education, Science and Professional Development, American Society of Clinical Oncology

Carrie Smith, Senior Director. Education Operations, American College of Radiology
Janice Sibley, MS, MA, Vice President, Education, American College of Cardiology
Lisa Guttman Greaves, Division Director, Educational Meetings, American Society of Clinical Oncology

2 p.m. ET
CME Mythbusters Click here to view Archive
Join our two intrepid presenters as they explore some of the “myths” and adages commonly found in the wilds of the continuing healthcare education field and decide whether they might be confirmed, plausible, or busted. 

A few of the myths they will be discussing include:

  • Generational Difference: It’s been said that millennials learn differently and therefore interventions need to be designed to address their unique needs
  • Learners ‘Know’ How to Learn: Many have posited that “learning” is a natural process and learners intuitively find their optimal approach. Educators therefore can focus on meeting established Adult Learning Theory and this alone will optimize learning outcomes.
  • Flipped Classrooms: Some have argued that by providing pre-work to learners before a live meeting, learners will come prepared and ready to spend critical face-to-face time reaching higher level learning and application.

Brian McGowan, PhD, Chief Learning Officer & Co-Founder, ArcheMedX, Inc.
Andrew Crim, Executive Director of Professional and Continuing Education, UNT Health Science Center

3 p.m. ET
Common/Not-So-Common Case Conundrums in CME Click here to view Archive
Sponsored by CME Matters
Theoretical, high-level education is great to motivate and is typically found in abundance at CME meetings, but it’s that practical, on-the-ground education that tackles everyday problems and issues we all face that is often more pressing. This session will focus on case-based scenarios that highlight a variety of issues faced within our industry and allow our panelists to brainstorm viable solutions. There is even a twist – each panel of respondents will only be given their case 24 hours in advance (we’ll also put the description of our website at the same time) to add some real-world time pressure to the situation.

Team 1

Jan Perez, CHCP, Managing Partner, CME Outfitters (moderator)
Michelle Montgomery, MA, CHCP, Senior Director, Educational Strategy, NACCME LLC
Becky Carney, Senior Vice President, Educational Strategy, Integritas Communications

Team 2
Andrea Harshman, MHA, CHCP, CMP-HC, Director, Office of Professional Education, National Jewish Health (moderator)
Laura Werts, MS, MEd, CMP – Director, Continuing Medical Education, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Kalen Parks, CMP – Manager, Physician Education and Medical Libraries, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

4 p.m. ET
CME Puntua Lortu Click here to view archive
Sponsored by ASiM
Puntua Lortu: “Get to the point.” 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, slides auto-advance. In a departure from the typical CMEpalooza panel format, five (brave) presenters are taking on this challenging, stripped-down presentation format as a way to share some of their best practices. This one’s gonna be fun…

Using the Power of ’50 Bits’ in CPD and CE — This Just Might Work
Daniel Guinee, MBA, CHCP, Executive VP, ASiM

Oh, the Things You’ll Need to Know
Audrie Tornow, CHCP, Senior Director, CME, Paradigm Medical Communications, LLC

Navigating Through an IRB for a QI Initiative
Scott Scire, Vice President, Hematology/Oncology, Educational Strategy & Partnership Development, Haymarket Medical Education
Priya Wanchoo, MD, CHCP, VP and Medical Director, Haymarket Medical Education

Not Just Making a Living…Why We Do What We Do
Cathy Pagano, President, CME Matters LLC

If Quantitative Data is King then All Hail the New Queen: Qualitative Data
Michelle Tyner, Senior Educational Strategist, ArcheMedX, Inc.