• Who Wants to Trivia? Part III
    We’ve reached that time of CMEpalooza prep where I make my appeal to everyone to stick around for the last session of the day, our third iteration of CE Pop Trivia, at 4 pm ET on October 13. Why? Because it’s fun! And because our host doesn’t have skeletons in his closet from old podcasts … Continue reading Who Wants to Trivia? Part III
  • Birth of a Salesman
    Periodically during the summer, my son sets up a lime-aid stand (not a lemonade stand!) outside our city rowhome. We are in a neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic so sales are generally rather brisk. We have our standard protocol well set by now – I serve as the cheap (very cheap!) labor in … Continue reading Birth of a Salesman
  • Come for the Updated Archive, Stay for the Book Lists
    The semi-annual blog post notifying everyone that the CMEpalooza Session Archive has been updated with all the sessions from the previous CMEpalooza is always one of my favorites to write, though not because it’s so fun to write about. It’s actually a pretty boring topic. How much can you say about it, really? In fact, … Continue reading Come for the Updated Archive, Stay for the Book Lists
  • CMEpalooza Fall 2021 Agenda!
    The need for continuing education has never been more evident than at this point in history where hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19 continue to climb despite vaccines being readily available and the lead news story in healthcare focusing on the pleas of health officials for people to stop ingesting animal dewormer as part of their … Continue reading CMEpalooza Fall 2021 Agenda!
  • The Agenda: A CMEpalooza Cartoon
                The CMEpalooza Fall agenda: coming soon! We promise.