• What You Can Learn From a Tour Guide About Quality Education
    I recently returned home from our family’s much-delayed summer vacation abroad (you can guess the reason). For the last 5 years or so, we’ve become big proponents of AirBNB Experiences when we travel to new places, not only as a way of acclimating ourselves to each city, but also to get unique perspectives on the … Continue reading What You Can Learn From a Tour Guide About Quality Education
  • CMEpalooza Archive Updated
    Scott and I like to play this little game where I send him an email saying “Hey, I updated the CMEpalooza archive with links to all the sessions from the previous CMEpalooza” and then he responds by saying “I thought you did that months ago, you doofus” and then I respond by saying “No, I … Continue reading CMEpalooza Archive Updated
  • Welcome to the CMEpalooza Center
    As many of the fans of our blog know, Derek and I are big fans of the Philadelphia 76ers (I know, I know – a lot of you don’t follow sports. Keep reading anyway). We both go to a smattering of home games and exchange furious text messages as another season goes down the tubes … Continue reading Welcome to the CMEpalooza Center
  • CMEpalooza Jokes
    Hi all, Derek here. Just checking in to let you know that Scott and I are hard at work (or hardly working, am I right?) putting together the agenda for CMEpalooza Fall on October 19 and should have an update for you, oh, I don’t know, sometime in August? Let’s go with that. Make sure … Continue reading CMEpalooza Jokes
  • The Numbers That Lie
    Hello everyone, and hello summer! We’re back (OK, I’m back – Derek is in Alaska for two weeks) from our usual midyear hiatus and are in the beginning stages of planning for CMEpalooza Fall — that’s Wednesday, October 19 if you are scoring at home. We’ll have our Fall agenda soonish. That means sometime before … Continue reading The Numbers That Lie