I remember my 10th birthday well. My parents had rented out the coolest place in town – this new video arcade that had recently opened – so that my friends and I could have the run of place with unlimited quarters for 2 glorious hours. I dreamt that night of dominating Q-Bert, winning lap after lap of Pole Position, and finally beating Track & Field once and for all.

But then came the phone call at 8 a.m. that morning. There had been a fire. The arcade had burned the ground. It never reopened. Little Scottie was devastated.

In 2023, it’s time for a little redemption. CMEpalooza is celebrating its 10th year (can you believe it!) and we promise not to burn things to the ground this time around (no advice from you, Elon). As usual, we have big plans to be better than ever. And you won’t need a pocketful of quarters to have fun.

We are again inviting CME providers, supporters, and service companies to take advantage of sponsorship opportunities with CMEpalooza Spring and Fall in 2023. There were a whopping 36 organizations who sponsored CMEpalooza in 2022, and we hope that even more forward-thinking companies climb aboard this year. Our live events are scheduled for Wednesday, April 12, and Wednesday, October 18 – we’re working on making these national holidays, but no promises.

There are individual and package sponsorships available, as well as other creative opportunities to promote your company (you can access our 2023 prospectus by clicking here). We’ve thrown in a few new goodies again this year, as well. If there is anything particularly creative you have in mind, come talk to us, and we’ll figure out something unique. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just reached Level 9 on Ms. Pac Man. Blinky, you are mine!

***Confirmed 2022 CMEpalooza Fall Sponsors***


Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL)
Lisa Keckich, Executive Director

ACHL actively engages and collaborates with diverse healthcare stakeholders to transform the reach and redefine the value of independent medical education. Through these collaborations and as an independent CME/CE provider, ACHL strives to promote positive change and improve the quality of care for patients everywhere. Based in Chicago, IL, ACHL’s team of 25 employees manages over 250 educational activities each year across a wide range of therapeutic areas – winning awards for our groundbreaking digital technologies, innovative designs, and global reach.

Clinical Education Alliance
Tina B Stacy, PharmD, FACEHP, BCOP, CHCP
Chief Strategy Officer

Clinical Education Alliance (CEA) is the growing group of recognized and valued healthcare education provider organizations with a shared mission, which is to improve patient care and clinical outcomes. The CEA entities—which include Clinical Care Options (CCO), Practicing Clinicians Exchange (PCE), and ProCE—deliver continuing education for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants/associates, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals. CEA, collectively, impacts more than 2 million engaged healthcare professionals annually within specialty, interprofessional, and multidisciplinary education that support the specific practice needs of learners across the continuum of care delivery. Each CEA entity, individually or through collaboration, designs and delivers a wide variety of innovative, evidence-based education, tools, and resources proven to change healthcare professional behavior and improve patient care.

Med Learning Group
Matthew A. Frese, MBA, General Manager
Andrew Grzybowski, Sr. Vice President, Educational Partnerships

Med Learning Group is a full-service accredited medical education company that focuses on developing and implementing continuing education that improves healthcare practitioners’ ability to provide optimal care to their patients. Our goal is to provide high-quality education that is designed to deliver the highest level of outcomes for not only the practitioner, but also the patient. Med Learning Group has expertise in developing both live and online activities that are innovative, case-based, interactive, and patient-centric in nature. We are experts in applying adult learning theory and principles to our programs and, more importantly, understand the nuances of our specialty audiences. We design programs for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners and have a deep understanding of how to educate both specialty audiences and general practitioners.


Academic CME
Timothy Hayes, MD, PhD, President

AcademicCME is a medical education company that has Joint Accreditation and 10 years experience producing clear, concise, and practical education across many disease states. Our formats include live symposia at global and regional medical meetings as well as various types of on-demand webcasts.


Anna Muehlenhaupt, Associate Director, Grant Catalyst
Dean Beals, CEO

DKBmed is a continuing medical education company with an eye for innovation. Since 2002, we have been developing pioneering educational programs that foster engaged learning, impart critical information, and give providers the tools to change practice and improve patient care. We specialize in bringing new learning methodologies to the CME landscape and for making medical education engaging for learners.

Haymarket Medical Education
Mary Anderson
Group President, Medical Education

Haymarket Medical Education (HME) is committed to offering solutions to the unmet learning needs of clinicians through innovative, evidence-driven education. We’re recognized for compliance driven planning and certification. We’re valued for purposeful selection of collaborative partners, networks, and expert faculty as well as our outcomes-centric approaches, yielding relevant insights from world-class continuing education (CE).

myCME™, HME’s sister website, reaches 2.2 million HCPs across 20+ specialties. Ongoing investment by myCME—including data-centric tools, innovative engagement strategies, diverse formats, and more—deliver metrics that consistently exceed program goals.

Healio CME
Jason O’Grady, Vice President
Meredith Barnes, Director

Healio CME is a leading site that provides healthcare professionals with a faster, easier way to obtain free CME tailored to their practice needs. Guided by extensive research and physician usability testing, Healio CME was designed to deliver the best online CME experience imaginable. Healio CME offers 100’s of activities, comprehensive modules, a personal CME dashboard, instant CME certificates and much more! Grantors and our MECC partners enjoy our reach into specialty audiences, our higher learner-to-test taker conversions and our actionable insights derived from journey analytics. Healio CME offers healthcare professionals the personalized experience to lead to better outcomes.

PlatformQ Health Education
David Clausen, Senior Vice President of Health Education Sales

PlatformQ Health Education (PQH) is a digital education company that uses cutting-edge video and virtual technologies to produce live, online education for healthcare providers and patients. The mission at PQH is to be the world’s leading producer of interactive, online educational events. The company aims to create next-generation digital educational experiences that:

  • Deliver practical, relevant and fair-balanced educational content in sessions led by expert clinicians from around the world
  • Facilitate synchronous interaction and adult learning, and
  • Foster a global community of education, improved patient outcomes, and social responsibility

PlatformQ Health Education works with leading CME/CE providers to develop the highest quality CME programs for health care professionals.

Denise LaTemple, PhD, Director of Scientific Services

At RedMedEd, increasing clinician competence and improving patient care is the name of the game. Our innovative interactive e-learning activities—which include the award-winning Virtual Practice, Hot Seat, YouKnowIt!, and Scale, Bail, or Fail platforms—provide clinically focused learners the information, resources, practice, and feedback that they need to face the challenges awaiting them on the front lines of patient care. And with its team of hard-core (yet lovable!) CME veterans, RedMedEd has the experience and track record to ensure educational content that is second to none.

To see a selection of our current activities, visit https://education.redmeded.com/s/catalog.


Antidote Education Company
Matthew Fleming, Vice President, Education

For over three decades, Antidote Education Company has been championing the educational needs of healthcare providers. Antidote focuses on bringing engaging, practice-relevant education that has an immediate impact on patient care. With deep roots in primary care, experience in many specialty areas, and the input of physicians and clinicians in a number of practice settings, we are uniquely positioned to assess, understand, and address the educational needs of healthcare professionals across the country.

Current Activities
Bonum Continuing Education
Allison Kickel, Founder and President

Bonum Continuing Education is an independent continuing education company focused on improving the care of patients through the development of high-quality educational initiatives for healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Utilizing adult learning principles, Bonum CE strives to reduce the gaps between current and best practices. Our strategic partnerships with accredited providers, key thought leaders, medical specialty societies, and other stakeholders within the health professions helps us accelerate the transfer of knowledge from bench to bedside.

Rob Lowney, Principal/Managing Director

At CMEology, we know how to engage healthcare providers. With more than 25 years of experience, we create continuing medical education activities that inspire and empower learners. Our ideas begin and end with the patient. Embracing the principles of the National Quality Strategy, we add value to learning and strive to improve the effectiveness of patient care. Our latest innovation features graphic illustrations of patient scenarios using comic-style panels. To do this, we have teamed up with two comic book veterans renowned for their work at Marvel and DC Comics. Comics have allowed us to convey humanistic themes and emotions and have received rave reviews from learners.

Excalibur Medical Education
Audrie Tornow, Managing Partner

Excalibur Medical Education is an independent medical education company devoted to the design and implementation of innovative, credible continuing education for healthcare professionals that presents the latest evidence-based information in an engaging fashion. We are an organization devoted not only to ensuring medical accuracy in every activity we develop but also in creating layered educational curricula that allows learners to leverage the foundation of their current practice and build new skills.

A collaboration of longtime CME/CE professionals Scott Kober, MBA and Audrie Tornow, CHCP, FACEhp, Excalibur Medical Education launched in fall 2020. With more than 30 years of combined experience planning, developing, and assessing the impact of CME/CE-certified education, we represent experience without fear of evolution. We know what we’re good at (and what we’re not). We design education with a creative bent to make learning both engaging and impactful. We are decisive, efficient, and nimble. We focus our time and efforts where it is needed — the conceptualization and delivery of high-quality medical education.

Global Education Group
Andrea Funk, Vice President of Education

Global Education Group’s mission is to design, implement, manage, and measure the healthcare effect of continuing education initiatives that promote clinical competence and performance improvement. Since 2003, Global has harnessed the power of partnership in joint providership, outcome measurement, and effective education program management. Our focus is to provide effective collaboration and CME / CE intelligence to grow results for partners, practitioners, and patients. Global’s strategic alliances with more than 20 distinguished academic centers, professional societies, medical education companies, and other organizations ensure independence, performance, and continuous improvement for learners. The staff includes experts in CME/ CE accreditation and regulatory guidelines, adult learning and outcomes, medicine, meeting planning, and project management, providing high-quality services to its partners.

Global is accredited with Commendation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide Continuing Medical Education for physicians and accredited with distinction by the American Nurses Credentialing Center to provide Continuing Education for nurses. In addition to Global’s designation as an ACCME and ANCC accredited provider, Global is also accredited by the AANP, ACPE, APA, AND-CDR, and AGD to certify education and provide credit to nurse practitioners, pharmacists, psychologists, dieticians, and dentists.

Karen Roy MSc CHCP, Principal

Infograph-ed LLC was co-founded by an experienced leader in the field of continuing medical education and an experienced medical writer  and medical education professional with a PhD in neuroscience and graphic design skills. With a combined medical communications experience of more than 35 years-skilled in strategic planning, resource allocation and management of medical communication and medical education, this award-winning team has experience in multiple therapeutic areas and the ability to communicate at all levels.

Infograph-ed works collaboratively with partners to transform their educational content and data into compelling visual communication designed to enhance reader engagement and aid retention of content. Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Combining data with design to enable visual learning, this communication process helps deliver complex information in a way that is more quickly and easily understood.

Iridium Continuing Education
Melissa Wiles, President and Founder

Iridium Continuing Education creates educational activities that are timely and relevant to the daily practice of the healthcare providers we serve. We develop innovative activities that engage the learner where they are in order to accelerate the pace from “lab to life.”

Adam Glazer, Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Med-IQ is a leading provider of clinical and risk management education, consulting services, and quality improvement solutions, empowering individuals at every level of the healthcare delivery system with the knowledge they need to continuously improve provider performance and patient outcomes. Med-IQ has delivered unique educational experiences and services across the country and around the world, has been extensively published, and is proud to be one of the most award-winning accredited medical education providers in the United States.

Mindi Daiga, MBA, CHCP, FACEHP, Vice President of Accreditation

Pri-Med Institute is a leading provider of accredited, regionally relevant medical education for primary care clinicians across the country. Its educational formats include live in-person and live virtual conferences, on-demand activities, and multi-interventional curricula. Pri-Med Institute is committed to providing high quality, evidence-based continuing education that promotes new improvements in healthcare, addresses quality improvement and patient safety, and builds clinical management strategies that are not only innovative in design but also motivate clinicians to adopt appropriate, up-to-date practice skills that improve patient health.

PeerView Institute for Medical Education

Chris Kriz, MHA, CHCP
Ted Singer, CHCP

PeerView Institute for Medical Education (PVI) is a Joint Accredited with Commendation provider of continuing educational programming for the global healthcare professional community.  Through collaborations with leading academic and non-profit providers, health systems, professional societies, and patient organizations, PVI delivers innovative solutions for measurably improving patient outcomes and clinical competence, performance, and quality.

We are dedicated to excellence, and recognized and awarded:

  • For quality in educational design and development
  • For meaningful collaborations
  • For expertise in distribution and impact
  • For industry leadership

We educate hundreds of thousands of clinicians each year, leveraging the integration of live, on-demand, and QI approaches, and are trusted by learners to deliver relevant, best-in-class educational activities that provide maximum impact on their knowledge, competence, and performance.

RMEI Medical Education
Erika Sinofsky, MA, CHCP
Senior Vice President, Accreditation & Compliance

RMEI Medical Education, LLC (RMEI) is an established U.S.-based independent continuing education organization founded in 2005. With an emphasis on rigorous learner data analytics to inform program design, delivery, and assessment, RMEI works to elevate the dialogue on what makes for effective education. By creating original and evidence-based educational design such as the Clinical Convergence®, the Clinical Consults℠, and the Care Team Forum℠, RMEI seeks to foster greater collaboration within multiprofessional care teams and a stronger commitment to patient engagement.

Write Medicine
Alexandra Howson, MA, PhD, CHCP

A bi-weekly podcast that explores the minds, motivations, and practices of people who create content that connects with and educates healthcare professionals.

Hosted by Alexandra Howson PhD, a healthcare education writer and qualitative researcher. Join us to learn from your colleagues and peers about tools of the trade and to listen to stories about what drives them in healthcare education. If your work involves planning, designing, or delivering education to health professionals, this is the podcast for you.

Audience Response System Sponsor

Creative Educational Concepts
Shari Tordoff, Executive Vice President  

Creative Educational Concepts (CEC) is a full-service medical education company offering extensive experience with in person and web-based continuing education activities. In addition to CEC’s recognized expertise in cardiovascular diseases and psychiatry/neurology, CEC Oncology contributes strategic, adaptive, and timely educational initiatives across a multiplicity of oncologic therapeutic areas, with particular emphasis on lung cancer, women’s cancers, immuno-oncology, genitourinary cancers, hematologic malignancies, and rare tumors. Learn more at www.ceconcepts.com.

CMEpalooza STEPtacular Challenge Sponsor

Talem Health
Eric VanStone, President and CEO

Talem Health is a provider of accredited continuing education (ACE). Our mission is to engage and empower professionals comprising the healthcare team through high-quality, meaningful education across a wide range of topics leading to improvements in team members’ skills/strategy and performance.

Rural Medical Education (RME) Collaborative, a division of Talem Health gives special emphasis to the unique needs of remote and rural clinicians and their patients. Through strategic partnerships and planning, we design educational programs that are tailored to the specific challenges of care in underserved areas.  

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