At 9 a.m. ET on Wednesday, April 15, the first of our CMEpalooza Spring sessions will start live here on this page. You do not need any special login or password to watch. When one presentation is finished, you will need to refresh the screen in order to see the next presentation. There will be a few minutes delay between each presentation.

There are 2 ways to ask questions to presenters:

  1. Send a text to the CMEpalooza text line at 267-666-0CME (0263)
  2. Send us a tweet with your question and the #CMEpalooza hashtag

SPECIAL ADDITION: We will be broadcasting a CMEpalooza Company Spotlight on this page featuring Educational Measures on Wednesday, April 8, from 11-1130 am ET.

One thought on “LIVE

  1. Hi to my friends at Educational Measures!! Spot on with all each of you are saying… And the experience of who you use, is so important. Everything that Tyler brought up is crucial.

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