Sponsors – Spring 2015

Being an exhibitor at an industry conference = Expensive with an increasingly limited return over the course of only a few days

Being a sponsor for CMEpalooza = Inexpensive with the ability to reach hundreds of CME professionals over the course of many months and drive traffic to your website

To see all of the reasons why you should consider a sponsorship for CMEpalooza in 2015, please click here for the Sponsorship Prospectus.

For information on our CMEpalooza Company Spotlight opportunities, please click here.

Want some more reasons to consider sponsorship? Check out this infographic with all kinds of interesting facts and figures from CMEpalooza Fall 2014.

***Confirmed CMEpalooza Spring Sponsors***


Brian McGowan, PhD, Chief Learning Officer

ArcheMedX is a healthcare informatics and e‐learning technology company with the singular mission to build the structure required to transform medical education through new connected learning and assessment models. By engineering an informatics‐powered architecture that organizes and connects the natural learning actions of clinicians in one system, ArcheMedX simplifies lifelong learning and streamlines the process of educational planning, assessment, and support. Visit http://www.archemedx.com for more information.



Intelligent Medical Decisions, Inc.
Greg Liptak, President

iMD is a company focused on improving healthcare quality. iMD collaborates with clinical practices to improve care processes and patient outcomes. iMD partners with academic medical centers, health delivery systems, medical education companies, and professional societies to design and facilitate Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives in any therapeutic area. iMD’s mission is to advance quality in healthcare with data-driven education and process-improvement programs that:

  • Integrate improvement science into healthcare systems
  • Impact the entire care delivery team
  • Innovate the CME/CE industry
  • Inspire patients & providers
  • Improve patient health​


Genentech Logo

Genentech sees scientists, researchers, and medical professionals working together to solve the world’s most pressing problems. We see patients coming together to for communities. We see organizations providing education, raising awareness and providing much-needed support. That’s why we offer support, resources, and funding.

Genentech—Doing now what patients need next.

Jason Olivieri, MPH, Manager Outcome Services

Imedex, an ACCME-accredited provider, is an industry leader in providing continuing education to healthcare professionals, developing high quality, scientific programming that translates the latest research into clinically relevant information through domestic and international live programming and the Imedex e-Learning Center (ELC), which connects more than 13,000 registered practicing community physicians specializing in oncology with certified CME. Imedex is also an established provider of accreditation and education outcome assessment services, with 25 years of accrediting both live and eLearning activities and an outcomes team with 10 years of experience in measuring the impact of CME. Visit our CME outcomes blog –www.assessCME.wordpress.com – to learn more.


Steven Scrivner, MPA, CHCP, Vice President, Educational Strategy

Raji Mohanam, Vice President, Educational Partnerships

With more than 2 million unique visitors each month and reaching more than 800,000 clinicians, MedPage Today (MPT) is a trusted news service for healthcare professionals, providing a clinical perspective on the breaking medical news that their patients are reading. MPT engages these audiences in a variety of ways, including outbound drivers such as Daily Headlines and Morning Break e-newsletters, Breaking News Alerts and CME Alerts, and inbound drivers such as site placement, search engine optimization, and recommended/”see also” links. These diverse drivers combine to allow MPT a high level of reach to and engagement with a wide range of specialty audiences and provide our educational partners with a cost effective solution for delivering Internet-based CME activities.


ASIM logo
Daniel Guinee, MBA, CHCP, Executive Vice President, Innovation and Strategy; Partner

Since 1999, ASiM has delivered engaging live and on-demand educational activities developed in collaboration with leading academic institutions, medical specialty societies and accredited partner organizations. Our expertise is providing timely, evidence-based learning opportunities for physicians, advanced practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, managed care and allied health professions. The success of these activities is continually validated through robust outcomes metrics and reporting. Some of our compelling formats include:

  • The Advanced Studies in… series, including Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Ophthalmology, Oncology and Neurology
  • shmConsults.com, part of the SHM’s new Learning Portal
  • The Clinical Conversations in… series, including Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Collective Clinical Forum, a uniquely engaging live format for large satellite symposia and smaller, more local meetings
  • Our Managed Care Consults series, providing timely, payer-focused, on-point education for decision makers in managed care organizations, health systems, long term and nursing home facilities, as well as for CMS, Medicare/Medicaid and VA.

For more information, please visit us at www.asimcme.com or call 908-253-9001 x24.

Clinical Care Options
Marissa Seligman, PharmD, FACEHP, CCHP, President and Chief Operating Officer

Clinical Care Options (CCO) is a leader in the development of innovative educational technology platforms that integrate all levels of medical education and information with personalization and moderated social media. CCO has been a pioneer in the creation of continuing education and decision support resources for healthcare professionals both in the United States and around the globe for more than a decade. Our expert faculty and innovative educational offerings span specialty areas including HIV, Immunology, Oncology, Viral Hepatology and Cardiology (July 2015).

Register today at clinicaloptions.com.

CME Matters
Cathy Pagano, Principal

At CME Matters, our promise is to challenge current learning paradigms by utilizing advanced learning techniques to deliver robust, high-quality, multi-modal medical education that is readily retained by the clinician. We assemble the highest-quality, customized team of forward-thinking specialists to assess therapeutic area practice gaps and design and execute creative, innovative medical education activities with the sole purpose of improving patient care and outcomes.

Rob Lowney, Principal/Managing Director

Experienced, committed, and passionate are 3 words that describe the people that work at CMEology. Our activities are both traditional and innovative. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve seen first-hand how CME can make a difference. However, funding and resources are decreasing. That’s why we are devoted to demonstrating the value of CME.

Our research on how CME saves healthcare costs has been featured in CBS Money Watch, Fierce Healthcare, Medical Marketing and Media, Medical Meetings, Medscape News, Policy and Medicine, The Wall Street Journal Online, and numerous other news outlets. For additional information, please see our video below.


CME Outfitters
Jan Perez, CHCP, Managing Partner, Operations, Content, and Faculty

CME Outfitters, an accredited provider with Accreditation with Commendation, develops, certifies, and distributes live and online outcomes- and evidence-based educational activities to thousands of clinicians each year and offers expert accreditation and outcome services for non-accredited organizations. CME Outfitters focuses on delivering education to specialty audiences, with strong expertise in psychiatry, neurology, inflammatory, infectious, and autoimmune diseases. For a complete list of certified activities and more information, visit www.cmeoutfitters.com or call 877.CME.PROS (877.263.7767).

Decision Simulation

Bob Yayac, President

DecisionSim™ is a cloud and mobile platform designed specifically to assess and enhance decision-making by leveraging the educational value of simulation. DecisionSim uniquely allows organizations to author simulations through our easy-to-use tools and analyze multiple metrics and key decisions within the simulation.

Educational simulations, which can replicate the complex challenges healthcare providers face daily, can be efficiently and cost-effectively developed and deployed using DecisionSim. Grounded in adult learning theory and providing rich feedback and data, DecisionSim helps ensure the transfer of decision-making skills to a constantly evolving clinical environment, improving the delivery of healthcare.

DecisionSim is used throughout all levels of medical education, from medical schools to large health systems, as well as with CME providers and professional societies. DecisionSim has been adopted by the Department of Veterans Affairs as their enterprise simulation platform.


Educational Measures
Marc W. Crawford, President/CEO

Founded over a decade ago as a technology company focused on data collection and management in the healthcare industry, Educational Measures was created to meet a need in the marketplace; the need to effectively collect and analyze data to its fullest extent to improve physician performance and ultimately patient care. Using their background in technology and education, the founders built a company based on cutting edge technology, innovative thinking and superior customer service.

Educational Measures’ Array technology is a versatile and exciting meeting technology that brings content and information right into your attendees’ hands. Please watch the video below to learn more and contact us for a quick demonstration of all our services.


Forefront Collaborative
McKenna Goslee, Associate Director, Educational Projects
Mark Luckie, Vice President

Forefront Collaborative is an ACCME-accredited independent healthcare education company that engages, unites, and supports the best minds in healthcare in the pursuit of moving patient care forward. For over a decade, Forefront Collaborative (formerly CME Enterprise) has worked in partnership with leading organizations and healthcare professionals to improve health outcomes. Today, we continue to combine solid medical information, sound learning principles, tailored education strategies, and custom-designed learner experiences into unbiased healthcare education that fosters greater understanding, increased accountability, and improved outcomes.


Global Academy for Medical Education, LLC
Mike LoPresti, Senior Director
Sylvia H. Reitman, MBA, Vice President

Global Academy for Medical Education is a firewalled, independent company affiliated with Frontline Medical Communications, the healthcare industry’s largest medical communications company featuring some of the most recognizable and trusted brands among physicians and allied health professionals.

This network provides continual access to:

  • 750,000+ monthly readers of 29 medical newspapers and journals
  • 567,000+ unique monthly online learners visiting 33 established digital networks
  • 5 million+ clinicians in our proprietary e-database
  • 8,000+ attendees of our 18 national live CME/CE conferences.

Global Academy’s unique approach to educating clinicians produces high quality, high-impact activities that challenge clinicians to learn from faculty, their peers, and themselves to maximize behavior change and deliver measureable results.  All programs are developed with ACCME-accredited providers and/or established educational partners, bringing their knowledge and expertise to each activity.

Timothy Lynott, Vice President

HighMarksCE is a web-based, flexible, user friendly software that manages the entire CME process. Our system provides online management of applications, certificates, disclosure forms, acceptance processes, activity creation, credit tracking, registration and transcripts. Simply generate certificates for multiple accrediting bodies and reduce data entry, paper forms and paper applications. Share data and comments with submitters, reviewers, program committees, colleagues, and peer groups through a built-in robust reporting tool. We are excited to be sponsors of CMEPalooza and we are looking forward to taking part in this hybrid event for the CME community.


Impact Education
Steve Casebeer, MBA, Executive Vice President

Impact Education, LLC (IE), a leader in continuing education (CE) for managed care professionals, recently launched the audience generation platform, MC Impact: Reaching Managed Care. MC Impact has an exclusive database consisting of over 12,000 qualified managed care and other payer professionals derived from more than 130 certified activities that target important decision-makers, including Medical Directors, Pharmacy Directors, Specialty Pharmacists, and Clinical Pharmacists. MC Impact offers targeted hosting and distribution opportunities to CE providers who want to reach this unique audience and improve participation rates for their activities.

Activities hosted by MC Impact have on average 2500 participants and 300-400 completers. MC Impact can help CE providers create awareness for activities through custom e-blasts, targeted social media marketing campaigns, and effective search engine optimization tactics. CE providers can also leverage MC Impact’s unique learning platforms, The Managed Care Review Board™ and Conference Reporter, which were specifically designed for the managed care and payer audience.

Directing education to managed care and payer professionals requires a precise approach, one that differs from approaches employed for other more traditional health care providers. MC Impact has extensive experience generating a unique audience for activities aimed at these health care professionals that extend beyond licensed physicians, pharmacists, and nurses. Learners are classified according to their organizations, titles, and functional positions, including health technology assessment (HTA) and pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committee members. As the health care landscape continues to evolve, MC Impact learners are also being proactively sorted according to accountable care organization (ACO) affiliations.

infograph-ed logo with TM-01

Karen Roy MSc CHCP, Principal

Infograph-ed is a service that develops engaging visual solutions for data representation through infographic design. It is a partnership between an industry medical affairs specialist and a PhD scientist with graphic design expertise. With a combined medical communications experience of more that 30 years, skilled in strategic planning, resource allocation and management of medical communications, and medical education, our team has experience in multiple therapeutic areas and the ability to communicate with influence at all levels, from patients to CEOs.

Jayne Chaplick, Director, Digital Education

PlatformQ Health (PQH) is a digital education company that uses cutting-edge video and virtual technologies to produce live, virtual online learning activities. The mission at PQH is to be the world’s leading producer of interactive, online educational events. The company aims to create next-generation digital educational experiences that:

  • Deliver practical, relevant and fair-balanced educational content in sessions led by expert clinicians from around the world
  • Facilitate synchronous interaction and adult learning, and
  • Foster a global community of education, improved patient outcomes, and social responsibility

PlatformQ Health Education works with leading CME/CE providers to develop the highest quality CME programs for health care professionals.

Vindico Medical Education
Rob Esgro, Chief Operating Officer

Vindico Medical Education is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and experience, reducing care variation, and accelerating the translation of evidence into practice. As a premier medical education company, Vindico is focused on designing interventions that address the gaps observed in health care. Using proven models, principles, and processes, Vindico engages health care professionals and collaborates with health care systems and payers to achieve the desired outcomes. Vindico has been awarded Accreditation with Commendation status from the ACCME and Accreditation with Distinction by the ANCC. Vindico also is an accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education through the ACPE. Vindico produces hundreds of successful educational activities each year and implements medical education programs globally.

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