Sponsors – Spring 2020

Here is a riddle for you: What can travel around the world while staying in a corner? (keep reading)

Here is another riddle for you: What has a head and a tail, but no body? (a little more…)

As you are wracking your brain to try to figure out the answers, I’ll give you something much, much easier to think about: a CMEpalooza sponsorship!

Yes indeed, CMEpalooza will be back in 2020 for the sixth consecutive year with Spring and Fall meetings (Wednesday, April 15 and Wednesday, October 14) to continue our mission of no-cost, high-quality education for the CME/CE community. Our audience and influence continue to grow – we broke records (again) in 2019 for web site visitors and session viewership. That’s good news for us and good news for our sponsors. More eyeballs means more exposure.

As always, we’re introducing some new features into the old bag of tricks in 2020, and that goes for our sponsorship features as well. You’ll see in the Sponsor Prospectus (click here to access) that we have added a few new goodies to bring even more value to our sponsors in the coming year. Take a look at “By the Numbers” page within the prospectus if you want some hard data on our events. If you want any additional information, just ask. We crunch data throughout the year and just feature some of the more impressive numbers here.

Our sponsorships tend to go quickly these days, especially at the higher tiers where there are limited numbers, so don’t think for too long if you are interested in those.

Oh, before we forget, back to the riddles: A stamp and a coin. You are welcome.

***Confirmed 2020 CMEpalooza Spring Sponsors **

Daiichi Sankyo

John Ruggiero, Head, Medical External Affairs, Director, Grants & Education

Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with the merger of two leading century-old pharmaceutical companies, Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Sankyo Co., Ltd. Headquartered in Tokyo, the company is dedicated to the creation and supply of innovative pharmaceutical products to address the diversified, unmet medical needs of patients in both mature and emerging markets.

Daiichi Sankyo makes available independent grant funding for CME and non-CME initiatives that accelerate precise, current, and emerging evidence into practice with the ultimate goal of benefiting patients. Daiichi Sankyo’s grant-giving adheres to the commercial support standards established by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®). The company also complies with the principles established by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) Compliance Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Code on Interactions with Medical Professionals.

Academic CME
Timothy Hayes, MD, PhD, President

AcademicCME is a medical education company that has Joint Accreditation and 10 years experience producing clear, concise, and practical education across many disease states. Our formats include live symposia at global and regional medical meetings as well as various types of on-demand webcasts.

Physicians’ Education Resource
Phil Talamo, CHCP, President

Since 1995, Physicians’ Education Resource (PER) has been dedicated to advancing patient care through professional education in the oncology/hematology and multi-specialty disease states. Through its portfolio of live education, including 20+ annual international marquee meetings, satellite symposia, and grand rounds series, along with online education, including well-known video formats such as Medical Crossfire, PER translates the science of medicine into the art of patient care.


Lisa Wray, Vice President

PeerAudience has proprietary access to the world’s largest physician database of 3,5M+ profiles indexed by geography, learning behavior, and educational preferences. PeerAudience utilizes this database on behalf of medical education clients to provide specialty-specific participation in CME activities.  By partnering with clients to create activities based on target audience and educational format, PeerAudience is able to build custom online educational initiatives with budget options for almost all grant requests. This custom guarantee model provides clients with targeted audience generation solutions based on specialty, occupation, and geography.

PeerAudience is the only audience generation company to provide clients guaranteed results by target audience.

Clinical Care Options and Practicing Clinicians Exchange
Tina B Stacy, PharmD, FACEHP, BCOP, CHCP
Chief Strategy Officer

In 2019, Clinical Care Options (CCO) and Practicing Clinicians Exchange (PCE) entered into a strategic partnership, bringing together two accredited providers with experience as pioneering educators throughout the CME/CE landscape. Both CCO and PCE apply best practices in educational design and adult learning principles and focus outcomes on measuring educational impact on healthcare professional competence and performance and patient outcomes. We are passionate about giving back to the industry in which we work and the communities where we live. CCO is a leader in the development of innovative, interactive, Web-based, and live educational activities while PCE is the national leader in live and online education exclusively for nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Medscape Education

Haleh Kadkhoda, MS, Senior Director, Collaborative Grants

Medscape Education (Medscape, LLC) engages members in over 30 healthcare specialties, and combines proprietary technology, instructional expertise, and measurable impact to accelerate the adoption of scientific advances in to practice. Medscape Education focuses on continuous innovation to better address clinician needs in order to improve the care and outcomes of patients. Medscape, LLC is Joint Accredited, and a leading online provider of continuing professional education.



Chris Kriz, MHA, CHCP
Ted Singer, CHCP

Through collaborations with leading academic and non-profit providers, health systems, professional societies, and patient organizations, PVI delivers innovative solutions for measurably improving patient outcomes and clinical competence, performance and quality, through educational interventions that leverage the integration of live, on-demand, and QI approaches, engaging busy professionals when, where, and how they learn best. Please visit us at PeerView.com and follow us @PeerView on Twitter.

Catalyst Medical Education, LLC
Louis Settembrino, CHCP

Our mission is to accelerate learning throughout the continuum of care by providing healthcare professionals and patients around the world with education that empowers change. For more information, please visit www.catalystmeded.com.

Rob Lowney, Principal/Managing Director

At CMEology, we know how to engage healthcare providers. With more than 25 years of experience, we create continuing medical education activities that inspire and empower learners. Our ideas begin and end with the patient. Embracing the principles of the National Quality Strategy, we add value to learning and strive to improve the effectiveness of patient care. Our latest innovation features graphic illustrations of patient scenarios using comic-style panels. To do this, we have teamed up with two comic book veterans renowned for their work at Marvel and DC Comics. Comics have allowed us to convey humanistic themes and emotions and have received rave reviews from learners.

Vindico Medical Education
Robert Esgro, Chief Operating Officer
Katie Robinson. PhD, Associate Director, Medical Research and Quality Outcomes

Vindico Medical Education is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and experience by accelerating the translation of clinical evidence into practice. As a premier medical education company, Vindico is focused on providing innovative and engaging education to facilitate knowledge retention and behavior changes to address identified healthcare gaps. Vindico has been awarded Accreditation with Commendation status from the ACCME and Accreditation with Distinction by the ANCC. Vindico also is an accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education through the ACPE. Vindico continues to produce hundreds of successful educational activities each year, including 537 CE activities across 20 therapeutic areas in 2019 alone.

Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL)
Lisa Keckich, Executive Director

ACHL actively engages and collaborates with diverse healthcare stakeholders to transform the reach and redefine the value of independent medical education. Through these collaborations and as an independent CME/CE provider, ACHL strives to promote positive change and improve the quality of care for patients everywhere. Based in Chicago, IL, ACHL’s team of 25 employees manages over 250 educational activities each year across a wide range of therapeutic areas – winning awards for our innovative designs and global reach.

Postgraduate Institute for Medicine
Michael Lemon, President

The Postgraduate Institute for Medicine (PIM) has been providing trusted independent continuing education for healthcare professionals since 1979 and is a recognized leader for jointly provided continuing education activities. PIM is nationally accredited to certify education and issue continuing education credit to an interprofessional or multidisciplinary audience of learners, including physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, dentists, optometrists, healthcare executives, registered dieticians, addiction counselors, and clinical laboratory professionals. We specialize in joint providership, outcomes measurement, and grant solicitation/funding support. PIM also offers an eLearning platform with traffic guarantees, www.cmeuniversity.com.

CE Outcomes
Wendy Cerenzia

CE Outcomes, established in 2001, is an independent educational research company providing a wide range of services to pharmaceutical and medical education communication companies, including educational needs assessments and outcomes evaluation.  CE Outcomes provides a range of services to pharmaceutical and medical education companies to help them efficiently and effectively plan and direct medical educational resources, as well as understand the impact of these resources on clinician practice.  CE Outcomes has collaborated on projects that have resulted in over 50 peer-reviewed journal publications and over 100 conference presentations.

Integrity CE
Michael Baffuto, President


Integrity Continuing Education (Integrity CE) is a full-service, ACCME-accredited provider with commendation. Our mission is to develop and implement cutting-edge CME/CE initiatives featuring evidence-based content of the highest integrity. The goal of our program is to provide today’s busy healthcare providers with CME activities that affect change in clinical practice by improving healthcare provider competence and performance. Integrity CE, located in Tinton Falls, NJ, was founded in 2006. Since inception, Integrity CE has implemented over 2,500 medical education programs covering a variety of disease states and educational needs. Integrity CE’s core educational formats and capabilities include Practitioner’s Edge, the Hospital and Internal Medicine Forum, Clinical Commentary, Publication in Action, and Plot-Your-Own-Course, among others.

David M. Clausen, CHCP, Vice President, Educational Strategy

Founded in 1990, RMEI Medical Education (RMEI) is one of the longest operating medical education companies in the U.S. With an emphasis on rigorous learner data analytics to inform program design, delivery and assessment, RMEI works to elevate the dialogue on what makes for effective education. By creating original and evidence-based educational designs like Clinical Convergence® and the Care Team ForumSM, RMEI seeks to foster greater collaboration within multidisciplinary care teams and a stronger commitment to patient engagement.

RMEI’s vision is to positively influence the quality of patient care in the healthcare delivery system by designing educational interventions that address gaps at the national, regional and local level.

Healio CME
Meredith Barnes, Senior Business Development Strategist

Healio CME is the leading site for specialty education. Healio provides healthcare professionals with a faster, easier way to obtain free CME tailored to their interests. We take user experience seriously through research, user testing, and prototyping, all geared to deliver the best online CME experience possible. The new site includes the My Healio CME personal dashboard, the ability to save progress within activities, tailored recommendations, a simple way to download transcripts, and has been optimized to enhance usability on all devices and operating systems. The new Healio CME not only benefits healthcare provider and physician learners and test takers, but also grantors. Grantors will appreciate the automated on-page campaigns targeting specialty audiences, actionable insights derived from the new journey analytics program and an in-house team analyzing user behavior to guide marketing decisions. With a loyal following of engaged learners, Healio CME is the ideal environment to host educational activities.

Karen Roy MSc CHCP, Principal

Infograph-ed LLC was co-founded by an experienced leader in the field of continuing medical education and an experienced medical writer  and medical education professional with a PhD in neuroscience and graphic design skills. With a combined medical communications experience of more than 35 years-skilled in strategic planning, resource allocation and management of medical communication and medical education, this award-winning team has experience in multiple therapeutic areas and the ability to communicate at all levels.

Infograph-ed works collaboratively with partners to transform their educational content and data into compelling visual communication designed to enhance reader engagement and aid retention of content. Infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. Combining data with design to enable visual learning, this communication process helps deliver complex information in a way that is more quickly and easily understood.

Med Learning Group
Matthew A. Frese, MBA, General Manager
Andrew Grzybowski, Sr. Vice President, Educational Partnerships

Med Learning Group is a full-service accredited medical education company that focuses on developing and implementing continuing education that improves healthcare practitioners’ ability to provide optimal care to their patients. Our goal is to provide high-quality education that is designed to deliver the highest level of outcomes for not only the practitioner, but also the patient. Med Learning Group has expertise in developing both live and online activities that are innovative, case-based, interactive, and patient-centric in nature. We are experts in applying adult learning theory and principles to our programs and, more importantly, understand the nuances of our specialty audiences. We design programs for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare practitioners and have a deep understanding of how to educate both specialty audiences and general practitioners.

Primary Care Network
Jill Hays, CHCP, Executive Director

Primary Care Network (PCN) is an ACCME accredited, not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving patient care through quality continuing medical education. PCN partners with both accredited and non-accredited organizations to provide meaningful and clinically relevant CME in a wide variety of program formats and therapeutic areas, aimed to improve patient outcomes. PCN’s CME website, Primary Issues, is dedicated to providing primary care clinicians with quality online education and valuable resources. PCN not only hosts educational activities on our platform, but offers extensive experience in reaching the primary care audience utilizing our growing network of clinicians nationwide.

Prova Education
Sean T. Barrett, Senior Vice President, Operations

Prova Education designs and executes continuing education founded on evidence-based medicine, clinical need, gap analysis, learner feedback, and more. Our mission is to serve as an inventive and relevant resource for clinical content and educational interventions across a broad spectrum of specialties.

An area of key focus for Prova is quantifying and qualifying the results of the education we conduct. Our outcomes are designed to prove value for the learner, the grantor, and the CME community at large. Our standard analytics platform is robust, yet nimble enough for customization to measure data of particular significance.  To that end, we measure and report traditional criteria such as competence, performance, and patient outcomes, but we also have methods that allow us to focus on more advanced concerns via behavior flows, predictive analytics, and innovative geo mapping.

Prova Education’s methodology demonstrates a commitment to continuing medical education and the innovative assessment of its effects. Our goal is clear—to develop and deliver the very best education in the most impactful manner and to verify its results with progressive outcomes research.

Denise LaTemple, PhD, Director of Scientific Services

At RedMedEd, increasing clinician competence and improving patient care is the name of the game. Our innovative interactive e-learning activities—which include the award-winning Virtual Practice, Hot Seat, YouKnowIt!, and Scale, Bail, or Fail platforms—provide clinically focused learners the information, resources, practice, and feedback that they need to face the challenges awaiting them on the front lines of patient care. And with its team of hard-core (yet lovable!) CME veterans, RedMedEd has the experience and track record to ensure educational content that is second to none.

To see a selection of our current activities, visit https://education.redmeded.com/s/catalog.

Paradigm Medical Communications
William Riley, Managing Partner
Audrie Tornow, CHCP, Vice President, Educational Strategy & Partnerships

We are Paradigm. For over a decade, we have been a trusted, ACCME-accredited, award-winning, and forward-thinking medical educational company.

Our staff is skilled in delivering a variety of educational modalities tailored to meet the needs of specific target audiences, such as large satellite symposia with live nationwide streaming, local/regional programming, Grand Rounds, or intimate learning environments like hands-on workshops. We are also practiced at delivering high quality enduring activities that include a variety of media elements such as video and animation.

At Paradigm, we have subject matter expertise in over 20 therapeutic areas, including major areas of focus such as aesthetic medicine, cardiology, oncology, medical dermatology, autoimmune disorders, and metabolic disorders. Our experience has grown via an organic process, where knowledge of one therapeutic area helped us learn about a target audience, their educational needs, and the other members of the treatment team. Our therapeutic diversity enhances our ability to develop effective interprofessional education.

Leveraging a variety of data sources and building on strong instructional design principles, Paradigm’s continues to meet our mission of improving patient outcomes. From start to finish, our approach maximizes the probability of impactful educational development.

For more information, please visit us at www.paradigmmc.com or call 845-398-5900.

Global Education Group
Andrea Funk, Vice President of Education
John McCormick, Vice President of Education Strategy

Global Education Group’s mission is to design, implement, manage, and measure the healthcare effect of continuing education initiatives that promote clinical competence and performance improvement. Since 2003, Global has harnessed the power of partnership in joint providership, outcome measurement, and effective education program management. Our focus is to provide effective collaboration and CME / CE intelligence to grow results for partners, practitioners, and patients. Global’s strategic alliances with more than 20 distinguished academic centers, professional societies, medical education companies, and other organizations ensure independence, performance, and continuous improvement for learners. The staff includes experts in CME/ CE accreditation and regulatory guidelines, adult learning and outcomes, medicine, meeting planning, and project management, providing high-quality services to its partners.

Global is accredited with Commendation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide Continuing Medical Education for physicians. In addition to Global’s designation as an ACCME accredited provider with commendation, Global is also accredited by the ANCC, AANP, ACPE, APA, AND-CDR, and AGD to certify education and provide credit to nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, psychologists, dieticians and dentists.

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