Spring 2020

CMEpalooza Spring is a 1-day event scheduled for Wednesday, April 15 that will feature a series of sessions relevant across the CME/CE spectrum. Broadcasts will stream live on the LIVE page of this website and be available for viewing shortly after their conclusion on the Archive page. There is no charge to view or participate in any of these sessions.

Breakfast Session Sponsored by AcademicCME
How Should the CE Industry Respond to a Novel Healthcare Crisis? (View archive)
CE is typically based on the analysis of data and the application of new science into clinical practice. Most healthcare crises, like COVID-19, are unexpected and therefore lack strong evidence regarding patient management. In the absence of reliable data, how do we educate clinicians to improve patient outcomes in the heat of the moment? In a novel healthcare crisis, in which standard funding sources may not be available, from where should support come? Typically, the goal of CE is to empower clinicians to improve their practice in the hopes of improving patient outcomes. What are the appropriate learning objectives, educational formats, and outcome measurements for such an all-inclusive, global healthcare professional audience?

Timothy Hayes, MD, PhD, President, AcademicCME

Charles Pollack, MD, Medical Director, AcademicCME
Laura Hawryluck, MD, Critical Care Response Team Lead, Toronto Western Hospital
Brian McGowan, PhD, Chief Learning Officer & Co-Founder, ArcheMedX

10 AM ET
We Can Do It! Getting Change-Ready Ahead of the ACCME’s Updates to the Standards for Commercial Support (View archive)
Session Sponsored by Clinical Care Options/Practicing Clinicians Exchange
Come join Cecelia the CE Professional (distant cousin of Rosie the Riveter) as we look at the history of the ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support and offer insight into how accredited providers of all types can prepare for the introduction of revised standards later this year. What is likely to stay the same? What may change, and why is change being considered? What are we all still a bit uncertain of? We have all the answers you are looking for. Well, most of them anyway.

Erin Schwarz, President, Vivacity Consulting

Megan Swartz, Associate Director of CME, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Anne Grupe, Director of CE, American Society of Clinical Oncology
Sara Brykalski, Director of Accreditation, Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning

11 AM ET
Shiny Outcomes People (View archive)
Session Sponsored by PeerAudience
Panning over the landscape, we see tidy little homes centered in neatly ordered yards organized in clean grids of asphalt. We smell freshly cut grass and a hint of funnel cake. Above the low, industrial symphony of weed-wackers, tree-trimmers, and lawn-mowers we hear…what’s that? Mellencamp? Maybe this Friday, the <insert mildly culturally insensitive school mascot name> will finally beat the <insert overtly culturally insensitive school mascot name> in an amazing fourth-quarter rally. Of course, it won’t rain over the weekend, and Sunday’s biggest scandal will be whether the bake sale cookies were truly homemade or if Mrs. Disheroon got them from the bakery two towns over (like we all know she did that one time 4 years ago).

Maybe this feels a bit like CME outcomes? Where new and shiny ideas are packaged and presented each year yet seldom explored beyond the surface. Is effect size really a good idea? Are predictive analytics truly appropriate? Do these assessment questions actually measure anything important? Our panel of shiny outcomes people will introduce a selection of “hot topics” and then dive into the muck and mire that Mrs. Disheroon doesn’t want you to know about.

Jason Olivieri, Director of Outcomes, Med-IQ CE

Anthony Gage, Director, Outcomes Strategy and Analytics, Practicing Clinicians Exchange
Derek T. Dietze, President, Metrics for Learning, LLC
Katie Lucero, Director, Outcomes and Insights, Medscape

Lunchtime Session Sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo
The Intersection Between Information, Knowledge, and Practice (View archive)
What happens when individuals transform their knowledge into attitudes, and then transition their skills into behaviors? How can the CME community adapt new methods in next decade to better meet learner needs without an unnecessary overall of our traditional, core educational approaches? In this session, you’ll hear about forward-thinking approaches to CME that don’t vouch for radical change, but a more careful, methodical approach to helping our industry grow.

John Ruggiero, PhD, Head, Medical External Affairs; Director, Grants and Education, Daiichi Sankyo

Kaley Lugo, PharmD, MBA, RPh, Manager, Medical Information & Education, Daiichi Sankyo
James Nam, PharmD, Manager, Medical Information & Education, Daiichi Sankyo
Kristen Sarlo, DPh, Director, Medical Information & Education, Daiichi Sankyo
Gopika Unnikrishnan, PharmD, RPh, Manager, Medical Information & Education, Daiichi Sankyo

Rebuilding It Better? Stronger? Faster? Moving Innovation Forward in CE Redesign (View archive)
Session Sponsored by Medscape
The path for improving continuing education programming in the United States is not unfamiliar. Annual conferences, bright thinkers, and passionate educators all have mapped out a vision on how to make education better for healthcare decision makers. And yet, progress to demonstrate learning is slow, and busy clinicians still need better educational tools to help close practice gaps for their patients.

This panel will bring together leaders in pharma, health tech, and learning design to discuss the greatest insights on where the healthcare learning train is headed and where it may make the most sense to jump on and see where the ride takes you.

Nancy Paynter, Co-Founder, CH2, LLC

Mazi Rasulnia, CEO and Founder, PackHealth
Greg Garrison, Director of Strategic Initiatives, TEACH-NOW
John Ruggiero, PhD, Head, Medical External Affairs; Director, Grants and Education, Daiichi Sankyo

Grant Request Rock! (View archive)
Our favorite after-school special (Schoolhouse Rock!) comes to life in this supporter-only session, where we’ll dig into old favorites such as “I’m Just a Grant Request,” “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Funding Here,” and “My Hero, Zero (Funding). If you don’t have any idea what we’re referring to, or if you simply want a refresher course, you can click here, here, and here.

Kate Biles, Associate Director, Scientific Education, Celgene

Ann Marie DeMatteo, Director, Medical Education, Regeneron

Antonio Meo, Manager, Medical Education and Investigator Initiated Study Grants, Sunovion

Jake Powers, CME Detective, Episode 2: Certification at Elevation – The Mile High Mysteries (View archive)
Do CME compliance issues take a vacation? No, and neither does Jake Powers, CME Detective. Even when he leaves the grit and danger of the city for the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains, CME mysteries shadow him. Taunt him. Dare him to take off his signature fedora, put down his bourbon, and try to disregard his own curiosity. The whodunits know his weaknesses. They know he’ll fail to ignore a good mystery, but ultimately, succeed in solving it. It’s what Jake does best.

Jake Powers makes a triumphant return to the small (but probably still high-def) screen to tackle the toughest CME challenges in the industry. What diabolical, non-compliant plots will Jake foil this time? You’ll have to tune in to CMEpalooza Spring 2020 to find out.


Afternoon Snack Session Sponsored by Physicians’ Education Resource
Common/Not-So-Common Case Conundrums in CME (view archive)
Click here to read the MECC case
Click here to read the hospital team case
We’re back once again with one of our most population CMEpalooza sessions where we’ll have two teams of providers – one comprised of MECC folks and the other of hospital-based peeps – delve into complex cases that highlight some of the challenges we’re all faced with on a daily basis. As usual, this comes with a twist – each panel of respondents will only be given their case 24 hours in advance (we’ll also put the description of our website at the same time) to add some real-world time pressure to the situation.

MECC Team Moderator
Phil Talamo, CHCP, President, Physicians’ Education Resource

Tina Stacy, PharmD, FACEHP, BCOP, CHCP, Chief Strategy Officer, Clinical Care Options
Jim Palatine, RPh, MBA, President, Pharmacy Times Continuing Education

Hospital Team Moderator
Julie White, Director, Continuing Education, Boston University School of Medicine

Elizabeth Franklin, Associate Professor, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Bita H. Zakeri, PhD, Director, Division of Continuing Medical Education, Indiana University School of Medicine