Spring 2022

CMEpalooza Spring is a 1-day event scheduled for Wednesday, April 6 that will feature a series of sessions relevant across the CME/CE spectrum. Broadcasts will stream live on the LIVE page of this website and be available for viewing shortly after their conclusion on the Archive page. There is no charge to view or participate in any of these sessions.


Breakfast Session Sponsored by Med Learning Group

Demonstrating the Value of CME to Internal and External Stakeholders: Multiple Approaches and Points of View (view archive)
Why do we do what we do? More importantly, how do we demonstrate our value both to those we work with and the broader medical community? In this session, we’ll explore various mechanisms that can be used to “show our work” effectively.

Matthew Frese, General Manager, Med Learning Group
Lauren Welch, Vice President of Outcomes and Accreditation, Med Learning Group
Dustin Ensign, Director, Medical Education, GRAIL, Inc.
Peg Bollella, Lead, US Medical Program Optimization and Operations, Sanofi US

10 AM ET
Hey Everyone, Go Deep! The Power We Have to Support Clinician Well-Being (view archive)
Support clinicians in Ukraine:

Session Sponsored by Integrity Continuing Education and Prova Education
“Go deep” on the latest data on clinician anxiety, stress, and emotional exhaustion, and hear about how these factors influence learning, memory, and attention. We’ll also look at data related to the positive impact of vulnerability, curiosity, awe, and wonder in educational initiatives. Lastly, we’ll share real-world perspectives in order to provide a more personal perspective of what clinicians are facing each moment, why it influences their professional practice and ability to learn, and why we can no longer rely on the methods that have always served us as we design education. It is imperative that both providers and supporters of CME/CE collectively recognize the vital role we play in either improving or worsening clinician well-being (trust us, we sometimes make it worse). 

Donna Gabriel, MS, Sr. Director, US/Global Education, Med-IQ
Scott Weber, CEO, Med-IQ

11 AM ET
Bridges Over Oceans – Making Global Meetings Available to Interested Learners Around the World (view archive)
Session Sponsored by Healio CME and Vindico Medical Education
COVID-19 has been a catalyst for accredited providers to explore international
medical education congresses, as participants around the world are increasingly able to access content from leading professional organizations previously out of reach through hybrid live and virtual events. For those who are accustomed to the rules and processes of proposing and developing live symposia in the United States, the global landscape can be confusing. Symposia allocation strategies, accreditation guidelines, and compliance considerations all impact access. This presentation will review the principal considerations in developing a satellite symposium outside the United States from the both supporter and educational provider perspectives. It will help guide organizations considering entering the global education arena and serve as a resource for supporters and providers regardless of their international education experience.

Chris Kriz, MHA, CHCP, President, PVI
Katy Doyle, Associate Director, Independent Medical Education, Gilead
Maria Deutsch, Director Medical Education, Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Mark Morgan, PharmD, RPh,  Senior Manager Medical Education, US Medical,  Bristol Myers Squibb
Jacqueline Waldrop, Director, Oncology Team Leader, Grant Officer, Global Medical Grants, Pfizer

Noon ET
Lunch Session Sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo
A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: How Supporters Came Together As a Community, For the Community (view archive)
Each IME provider and supporter has specified therapeutic areas of interest, and a respect for one another’s proprietary policies and practices. Nonetheless we all embrace a mutual bond and common power: to help change clinical practice and improve patient outcomes through education. Regularly we compliantly aim to leverage our various skills, linking together to appreciate our common threads, to generate ideas, to find solutions, and ultimately achieve mutual goals. In 2021, IME supporter functional leaders came together for the first IME Leadership Summit and Exchange, fostered through open and productive communication. The purpose: to identify common points of non-proprietary interest and compliantly address shared questions. The summit participants identified resulting 2022 action items that are intended to enhance efficiencies in practice for both providers and supporters alike. Please join us to learn more and become a welcomed part of the ongoing journey.

LB Wong, RN, MSN, MBA, Sr. Director, Lilly Grant Office
Suzette Miller, MBA, CHCP, Director, Medical Education Grants and Sponsorships, Genmab
John Ruggiero, PhD, MPA, CHCP, Head, Medical Affairs, Medical Proficiency Acceleration Center, Daiichi Sankyo

Beyond Checking the Box to Achieve Commendation – Incorporating Social Determinants of Health to Address Population Health (view archive)
Session Sponsored by RedMedEd and Academic CME
There are innumerable factors for sub-optimal population health, including access to care, cultural norms in seeking/not seeking care, stigma associated with ill health, and/or lack of financial resources. The impact that these external factors can have on the health of individuals can and should be uncovered during the comprehensive needs assessment and planning process for CE activities. Educational content should be infused with appropriate strategies that go beyond purely clinical information and may be of significant importance to the learner’s patients to help address and overcome barriers. By understanding and integrating these strategies into the design of CE activities,  providers can become a contributor to improving the health and well-being of individuals and the larger population. Through an interview format with content experts, presenters will share strategies to move your organization beyond checking the box for commendation criteria.

Bina George-Figueroa, MS, CHCP, FACEHP, Director of Accreditation, Medical Learning Institute
Kristin Gusack, RD, CHCP, Executive Director, Medical Learning Institute
Rayne H. Rouce, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Section of Hematology-Oncology, Baylor College of Medicine
Lauren Berger, MPH, Senior Director, Professional Education & Engagement, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Laura Ortiz-Ravick, MA, Director, Outreach & Health Promotion, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Chidiebere Ibe, Medical Student

The Unsung Heroes of CME: Recognizing the Critical Role of Program Managers (view archive)
Session Sponsored by PlatformQ Health and Antidote Education Company
The goal of this session is to highlight the vital role program managers (PMs) play in the CME industry and offer examples of the many ways the contributions of PMs can be leveraged to improve educational programming. The panel consists of individuals currently in program management roles, as well as those who started their CME careers as PMs and now work in other positions. Through these lenses, the panel will:

  • Review the multifaceted role of PMs, recognizing the diversity of responsibilities across companies and organization types
  • Discuss the imperative to include PMs as a key multidisciplinary team member throughout the life cycle of a CME initiative
  • Identify how past experience and/or an understanding of program management responsibilities adds value to other roles in the CME field
  • Provide insights, including pearls and pitfalls, from program managers regarding what they need from their multidisciplinary team members to create successful CME activities

Becky Carney, Sr. Vice President, Educational Strategy, Integritas Communications 

Annette Schwind, MS, CHCP, Medical Education Manager, Gastroenterology, Takeda
Mara Simpson, Vice President, Account Services, Integritas Communications
Bridget OBrien Kocher, Sr. Vice President, Educational Services, Vindico Medical Education
Bethany Dennis Frampton, Department Manager (Production Services), Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education

Afternoon Snack Session Sponsored by Physicians’ Education Resource
The CMEpalooza Feud (view archive)
Prizes Sponsored by epocrates
Oh yes, there will be two competing “families.” Oh yes, there will be a “Survey Says!” Oh yes, there will even be a Richard Dawson (still the GOAT). A survey will be developed and distributed several weeks in advance of CMEpalooza to gauge the responses of our colleagues across a variety of educational topics. These responses will be used to help frame the competition, with lots of educational tidbits sprinkled in between rounds. We’ll even be giving away some cash prizes. 

Phil Talamo, CHCP, President, Physicians’ Education Resource 

Team A:
Captain: Allison Kickel, CHCP, Founder & President, Bonum CE
Michael Baffuto, CHCP, President, Integrity Continuing Education
Priya Wanchoo, MD, CHCP, Director, Hematology Medical Education, US Medical, Portfolio Strategy, Bristol Myers Squibb
Andrea Harshman, MHA, CHCP, CMP-HC, Director, Office of Professional Education, National Jewish Health

Team B:
Captain: Mackenzie Perry, PharmD, Manager of Education, Pharmacy Times Continuing Education™ (PTCE)
Steph Neumann, Director, Business Development, Physicians’ Education Resource 
Katy Doyle, Associate Director, Independent Medical Education, Gilead
Dixa Patel, PharmD, BCPS, Associate Director, Oncology Grants and Education, Novartis

Dr. McGowan’s Magical Measurement Club, We Hope You Will Enjoy the Show (view archive) (download handout)
Session Sponsored by Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning and Catamount Medical Education
COME TOGETHER and grab your TICKET TO RIDE as we explore critical, practical, and perhaps magical insights into making your Med-ed measurements matter 8 DAYS A WEEK. Those participating in the live studio session from ALL ACROSS THE UNIVERSE will HELP set our rhythm by choosing the how deeply we explore four topics: 

1 – GUESS-TERDAY: Can you guess what your questions are hiding?
2 – MASTERY FIELD FOREVER: Is Mastery more than a mythic quest?
3 – WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MINDSET: Why and how thinking-in-learning matters?
4 – THE LEADING AND LAGGING ROAD: Lagging, Leading, and Moore’s Missing Link

IN MY LIFE how and what we measure in Med-ed can lead supporters, providers, and educators to TWIST AND SHOUT, but together WE CAN WORK IT OUT.

Brian McGowan, PhD, FACEhp, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, ArcheMedX, Inc.,; Outcomes Standardization Project Steering Team Member