Nudge Nudge: Some CMEpalooza Reminders

Things are always busy in the days leading up to CMEpalooza, and I know you are probably tired of seeing ONE MORE notification in your inbox from us. I promise we’ll leave you alone tomorrow, but just a few reminders from me today:

  1. We still need about 30 more responses to our CMEpalooza Feud survey to reach the magic number of 100. If you have not yet filled out your answers, you can go to this link to access the survey. It’ll be fun. And short. I promise. Just do it while you groove out to a little Gordon Lightfoot. (Note from Derek: Gordon Lightfoot?? Good lord we are old.)
  2. To avoid a last-minute scramble next Wednesday, go ahead and download the Poll Everywhere app now so that you can actively participate in our various sessions. Our friends at Array are sponsoring our audience response system this spring, and we’d hate to let them down.
  3. Go to your email calendar and double check that you have marked off next Wednesday as a “medical emergency” day. We wouldn’t want anyone bothering you while you watch our sessions.
  4. In the spirit of yesterday’s blog post, Derek has asked me to offer a CMEpalooza Twitter Haiku challenge to our audience. I told him no one would probably participate, but he’s persistent. So go onto Twitter today and give us your best, CMEpalooza-themed 5-7-5. Maybe you’ll even get a prize if your haiku is good – I dunno.

Let’s Play the CMEpalooza Feud!!

“We asked 100 left-handed firefighters whose names starts with the letter Q the following question…”

Wait, did they really ask this question of 100 left-handed firefighters whose name starts with the letter Q? Are there really 100 left-handed firefighters whose name starts with the letter Q? Or is there some pencil pusher in the back who just makes up the numbers to the Family Feud surveys?

According to the Google, there is a firm that actually polls random members of the public (or at least they used to), though there doesn’t seem to be much of a trace of people who actually participated in these polls. So I’m skeptical.

But what I’m not skeptical about is that our very special version of CMEpalooza Feud coming up next week during CMEpalooza Spring will include actual survey answers from the CMEpalooza community (texts Derek to remind him that our Spring meeting is on Wednesday, April 6 from 9 am-5 pm ET). But we need your help.

Click here to access our survey that will be used during our CMEpalooza Feud session. We’ve got a bunch of different sorts of questions here, none of which will take a tremendous amount of thought for you to answer. Just write down the first thing that comes to mind. This is all anonymous, so don’t worry about getting into trouble with your boss (or spouse). What we’ll do once we get 100 responses is tabulate the results and use them during next week’s session.

Once again, click here to access our survey that will be used during our CMEpalooza Feud session.

Thanks everyone – you are the best!


The Secret Life of CME Professionals

When we rolled out our special “CMEpalooza Feed the People” promotion yesterday, we only required two things of people to qualify for our $15 Grubhub gift cards (a few are still left if you want one – just take a look at yesterday’s post for the form):

  1. Provide us with your email
  2. Tell us a secret

I wasn’t expecting people to really tell us any interesting secrets, but we actually got some that were quite entertaining and introspective. And since I made no promise to keep these secrets, well, secret, I figured those of you who need some Friday morning entertainment might get a chuckle out of the best of these. It would be too mean of me to tell you who submitted these “secrets,” so I’ll just present them to you anonymously in Derek’s favorite “Top 5” list style:

5. I really truly own a Village People record.

4. I was a volunteer puppet director for over 30 years. Retired this year.

3. I ate a cookie dough ball for breakfast as I was running out the door to deliver my youngest to school before settling in at my home office.

2. I am not a vegan like I claim to be. Can’t tell anybody though… (My aside: Oh, but I so want to. This would rock the world!)

1. (My aside: Take a deep breath before reading this one) This is not so much a secret but just something interesting that has been on my mind recently. We, as humans, can only experience time linearly (back to front, past to future). But, considering our range of experiences, knowledge, and the theory of interconnectedness, we could in theory be thinking about multiple points at once. With onset of AI and considering the ~ get ready for it ~ ability for continuing education to teach humans how to perceive current time, we can in theory be learning at multiple time points. I know this sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo and I am just a pharmacist interested in medical writing, but the ideas of learning on an interdimensional plane has the ability to reshape teaching, communication, and learning.

So chew on that for a minute or two. And then explain it to me using littler words (note from Derek: I think this is the plot from Spider-Man: No Way Home.)