Top 5 Reasons You Should Watch CMEpalooza Fall

5. You don’t need to travel anywhere to watch. Unless you are the type of person who loves waking up early, fighting traffic to the airport, parking, waiting in the security line, taking off your belt and shoes, putting your belt and shoes back on, sitting in an uncomfortable seat while trying to get work done using the airport’s spotty Wifi, buying an overpriced coffee at the airport coffee shop, shouldering through the crowd of people gathered around the entrance gate even though their zone hasn’t been called yet, sitting in an uncomfortable seat while trying to get work done using the airplane’s spotty Wifi, bonking your head on the airplane ceiling when you stand up to de-plane (that might just be me), waiting for a taxi/Uber/Lyft to take you to your hotel, checking in at the hotel, registering at the conference, and finally sitting down at a round table with ice water and those weird fruity candies — not needing to travel is a nice perk.

4. It’s a good excuse to binge-watch Season 7 of Game of Thrones. This goes along with reason #5 — if you don’t need to travel anywhere, then you can tell your boss you are going to stay at home to watch CMEpalooza Fall and not have to deal with constant distractions, like Larry from accounting always stopping by your office to tell you about his Fantasy Football team (nobody cares, Larry!) And while I would never encourage anyone to do this, since all of the CMEpalooza Fall sessions are recorded and immediately archived, you theoretically could spend the day watching all of season 7 of Game of Thrones in order to catch up before season 8 begins, and then watch the archived versions of the palooza sessions later on. I’m not saying you should do this, just that you could do this. If you wanted to. (Side note: my wife would like to recommend everyone binge-watch Outlander instead, which she claims is just as good as Game of Thrones. My counter to this is: does Outlander have dragons? No. Does it have zombies? No. Does it have zombie dragons? No. Then it’s not as good as Game of Thrones. Point for me.)

3. Scott might do something nuts. Tap dance routine? Tuvan throat singing? New tattoo reveal? You never know with that guy. Tune in to find out!

2. Have you seen the agenda? Seriously, have you? It’s quite good.

1. It’s free. Always has been and always will be. I mean, if you want to pay us a registration fee just out of habit, that’s fine, we’ll take it. I’m not actually sure how we would do that, but we could figure it out. Maybe bitcoin or something? On second thought, forget it. Please don’t pay us a registration fee even if you want to. It will just lead to more emails back and forth between Scott and me arguing about how to set up a Venmo account on the website and I’ll end up saying something about trusting the process and Scott will throw out a reference to some obscure 80’s sitcom I’ve never heard of and we already spend way too much time doing this and don’t need an excuse to do it more. So, back to my original point: CMEpalooza is free!

Do You Know Who Won the Super Bowl?

This past weekend, I spent my Saturday morning watering the plants in the backyard and listening to podcasts.

(A brief digression, if I may. When I think of great opening lines in literature, some of the first that come to mind are from Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities [“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”], Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow [“A screaming comes across the sky.”], and King’s The Gunslinger [“The man in Black fled across the Desert, and the Gunslinger followed.”] Unlikely to be included in that group in the future is “This past weekend, I spent my Saturday morning watering the plants in the backyard and listening to podcasts.” Maybe next time!) (Note from Scott: Someone needs to be reminded what the word “brief” means)

The host of the podcast was moaning about fans of the Philadelphia Eagles (who won the Super Bowl in February, in case you hadn’t heard) and their penchant for never missing an opportunity to remind you that they won the Super Bowl this year (touché). I admit to chuckling a bit over his laments and then mumbling to myself that the same can probably be said about fans of any team who have just won a championship of some sort. Then I went inside to make myself an iced coffee and noticed the following on the back of the bag of coffee beans:

For those who may not know, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 in the Super Bowl. Also, Tom Brady dropped the football. Perhaps the podcast host was on to something.

Now you may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with CMEpalooza? Well, I will tell you, but first please watch this very important video clip.


Also, I updated the CMEpalooza archive with all of the Spring 2018 sessions. We now have over 80 archived sessions, so head on over and take a look. And please share with anyone you think might would benefit from these FREE sessions.

Go Birds!

We Need to Have a Chat About CMEpalooza — Part II

Hey gang! Derek here. I wanted to have a little chat with all of you about CMEpalooza (Again. I originally posted this in 2017, but some people never learn). Not the actual Fall event, mind you. Until we have the agenda totally set (we’re almost there), we don’t have much more to tell you about it. No, I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend lately, and I wanted to bring it to a quick end. I’m here to talk to you about the word “CMEpalooza.”

Here’s the thing — it’s”CMEpalooza.” It’s not “CMEPalooza” or “CMEPALOOZA” or…(ugh)…”CME palooza.” It’s one word with the first three letters capitalized. It’s a mash up of “CME” and “palooza.” It’s a palooza of CME. It’s CMEpalooza.

In one of the first emails Scott sent me when we first started working on CMEpalooza together, he referred to it as “CMEPalooza.” I responded to him with a threat of fisticuffs if he ever spelled it that way again. It’s one of the few arguments I’ve ever won with him. To be fair, most of our arguments rarely extend beyond this exchange:

Me: Hey, should we try this?
Scott: No.
Me: Why not?
Scott: Because it’s dumb.
Me: Good point.

So, winning this argument was no great feat. Still, I even had “CMEpalooza” t-shirts made. See?


What I’m trying to-…wait a minute. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That’s right — CMEPALOOZA T-SHIRT CANNON AT THE NEXT ALLIANCE CONFERENCE!!! I can see it now. The first day’s keynote speaker finishes up and we’re just about ready to break for the first round of plenary sessions, when all of a sudden a loud siren begins to sound, I run onto the stage with a massive t-shirt cannon while Scott grabs the microphone and yells out “WHOOOOOOOOO WANTS A T-SHIRT?!?” The crowd goes wild as  Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”  blares overhead and I begin firing t-shirts left and right. Man, that would be great.


Where was I? Oh, right — just remember: If you’re writing it out, it’s “CMEpalooza.” All one word, no capital “P.” Now, does anyone know where I can rent a t-shirt cannon for cheap?

CMEpalooza…Soon We’ll Be Making Another Run

Yes, we are still having CMEpalooza Fall (October 17, if you don’t already have it written in red Sharpie on your calendar) and yes, we will have an agenda for it soon…ish. We’re working on it, I promise. I made this handy little infographic to help explain why it sometimes takes us a while to get moving. [Side note: Our friends at infograph-ed have little to fear from my infographic creation skills.]

CMEpalooza Fall 2018: Come aboard…we’re expecting you! (Note from Scott: I’m Isaac, Derek is Gopher [Note from Derek: this is an outrage! Clearly, I am Doc.])

Where Do I Watch CMEpalooza Spring?

Where do I watch CMEpalooza Spring?
You watch it on the LIVE page.

Will people be able to hear me on the Hangout?
No. You are not on the Hangout. You are only watching a video feed of the Hangout. You can play the video of the Walmart kid yodeling at top volume and no one will hear you except your neighbors, who might call the police, who might interrupt you while watching CMEpalooza. So, don’t play the video of the Walmart kid yodeling at top volume while watching CMEpalooza.

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring at the office?

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring at home?

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring in a conference room with 150 other people?
Please do.

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring while at a Boston Celtics playoff game? 
Can you? Yes. May you? No.

Can I watch CMEpalooza Spring with Miss Piggy?
I don’t know. Let’s ask her.

I guess not.

Do I have to pre-register or register?

Do I have to pay anything to watch CMEpalooza Spring? I love paying registration fees.

No. You don’t have to pay anything to watch CMEpalooza.

Do I have to take a survey afterward?
Well, you don’t have to, but it would be nice if you did. It’s only seven questions and shouldn’t take you more than 60 seconds. If it takes you more than 60 seconds, Scott will come to your house and re-enact this famous John Cusack scene from Say Anything while singing “In Your Eyes” at the top of his lungs.

Can I get a certificate for watching CMEpalooza Spring?
Actually, yes. Well, kind of. We’re not accredited or certified or anything like that, and we have no way of verifying whether you actually watched any of these sessions or not. But if you want a certificate of completion that you can use to self-report participation in CMEpalooza Spring 2018, here you go. I’ll also post it on the LIVE page tomorrow.

How do I ask questions to the presenters?
Good question. There are three ways you can ask questions:

  1. Send a text to the CMEpalooza text line at 267-666-0CME (0263)
  2. Tweet a question using the #CMEpalooza hashtag
  3. Click on the Google Slides link on the LIVE page and enter your question there

We always get to as many questions as we can throughout each presentation.

Do I have to watch all the sessions?
YES! No. Watch what interests you.

How many days is CMEpalooza?
It is two days. It was two days at the beginning, then it was one day for quite a while, and now it is two days again. Will it stay like this forever? Who knows. Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll see. As the great philosopher Ted “Theodore” Logan once said, “All we are is dust in the wind, dude.”

What if I’m busy during the day of the live broadcast?
All the sessions will be archived on the website, probably within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the session. How are we able to do it so fast? We have a new intern who is a real crackerjack on the interwebs. Here he is hard at work, writing our latest blog post.


The Return of CMEpalooza Haiku

palooza haiku
one great day now split in two
check it out next week

10 AM ET – Not Another Outcomes Panel! (Or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bar Graphs)

oh look! it’s outcomes
outcomes standardization
for you and for me

11 AM ET – Including Patients and Patient Advocacy Groups in Educational Planning & Delivery: How to Make It a “Win-Win”

what’s in it for me?
the patient advocate asks
find the answer here

Noon ET – Fear Not the Force: Twenty Predictions Five Years Later

so certain were you
go back, closer you must look
nerd alert this is

1 p.m. ET – CME Unicorn – Lessons from Silicon Valley and the Stage

are unicorns real?
my daughter says that they are
good enough for me

10 AM ET – Seeing It Both Ways

seeing it both ways
like a magic eye picture
purchased at Spencer’s

11 AM ET – IDEAS for developing effective digital interventions to change health behavior

have you ever said
huh, I have no idea?
here are some for you

Noon ET – Addressing Educational Needs Around Medicinal Cannabis: Implications for CME

goal: write a haiku
about cannabis sans jokes
mission accomplished

1 PM ETElevating our Educators: Practical Strategies for Improving Faculty Teaching Skills

gather ‘round and watch
teachers teaching teachers to
teach teachers to teach

Bonus haiku that I couldn’t resist after Monday night’s debacle

a sadness hovers
over the palooza team
the sixers have lost


Special ‘Trust the Process’ Offer From CMEpalooza

Hey, gang — it’s your old pal Derek here to tell you about a very special offer for CMEpalooza, coming up just around the corner on April 25-26. Before I tell you about our amazing new offer, though, let me first remind you to check out the agenda for CMEpalooza if you haven’t already done so. You can read about all the sessions on your own time, but I do want to once again point out that CMEpalooza is slightly different this year in that rather than one long full-day, it will be held over two short-days. Why? Don’t ask me. You guys are the ones who wanted to do it this way. I’m fascinated to see how it will play out.

Anyway, back to the special offer. We here at CMEpalooza are huge fans of the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers (note from Scott: for the 90% who will understand little of the basketball-ese to come, just nod your head and play along. Humor the guy). You may recall a blog post that Scott wrote a few days back in which he recounted our attending a Sixers basketball game together. I believe he referred to me as the “most pessimistic ‘fan’ I have ever met.” Sadly, this is not untrue. I am not exactly delightful company when it comes to watching sporting events in which my favorite teams are playing, the Sixers in particular. The song Pancho & Lefty by Townes Van Zandt opens with lines that sums up my Sixers fandom pretty well:

Living on the road my friend,
Was gonna keep you free and clean
And now you wear your skin like iron,
And your breath as hard as kerosene

Despite my omnipresent pessimism, the team has done fantastically well this year. Like, unbelievably well, in fact. I’ve even caught myself thinking, “OK, I think they can probably win this one” before a few games. They are headed to the playoffs for the first time in years, have two of the top young players in the game, and the team’s unofficial slogan of “Trust the Process” has exploded into meme-worthy status. Even my bff Joel Embiid breaking his face didn’t slow them down as they are currently in the midst of a record-breaking 16-game winning streak to end the regular season. Everything is coming up Sixers!

In honor of the success of our beloved home team, the CMEpalooza crew is prepared to make our most amazing offer ever. As of this moment, registration for CMEpalooza is now…ABSOLUTELY FREE! Yes, you read that correctly: 100% free. This is a one-time offer*, so be sure to tune in on April 25 & 26 to take advantage of it. Trust me, it’s only because we are in such a good mood about the Sixers that we are doing this**. Normally, registration fees are quite expensive***. The only requirement to take advantage of this incredible offer is that you must play the video below and sing along at the top of your lungs.

Clap your hands everybody. Trust the Process.

*Not true. It’s always free.
**Also not true. We are in a good mood, but it’s always free.
***Again, not true. Never expensive. Always free.


Today’s the Day!

Big doings here in the City of Brotherly Love. I’m not sure if you are aware, but the local football team will be tossing the ol’ pigskin around the gridiron this coming Sunday in a little game called the Super Bowl. Eagles fans are known for our calm and reserved demeanor so I’m sure we’re all handling the excitement with dignity and class.

Let’s check in and see.

Ah, yes, just as expected.

More importantly, today is the deadline for submitting an abstract for a presentation at CMEpalooza Spring. We’ve talked about this enough in the past week, so I don’t have anything particularly interesting to add. No poems or lists or anything like that.

OK, maybe one poem.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Tom Brady stinks
Now submit an abstract

Nailed it.

Go to the CMEpalooza Spring application now and submit your abstract. The rest of you can watch this rendition of “Fly Eagles Fly” from the Central High School orchestra. Go Birds!