Today’s the Day: CMEpalooza Spring Abstracts Due by EOD

This is it, the final reminder to submit your CMEpalooza Abstract by the end of the day today in order to be considered for the spring agenda.

Click here to read all the details.

Click here to go directly to the Google Form.

That’s all I have. No clever lists of the top 5 concerts I attended in 2021 (5. Flaming Lips, 4. Chris Stapleton, 3. Lord Huron, 2. Avett Brothers, 1. Wilco/Sleater-Kinney) or long expositions on how your Wordle strategy reflects your general outlook on life (constantly changing your starter word = optimist; using one starter word = realist.) We don’t have time to discus the best Starburst flavor (it’s orange) or analyze whether Barry Bonds would have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame if he had simply smiled more (he would have. See: David Ortiz.)

We will have to save all those topics for another time. For today, we need to concentrate on one thing and one thing only: submitting your abstract for CMEpalooza Spring. Go do it now.

Maybe next time we can review my preferred coffee brewing vessel (Chemex) or the proper method for adding absinthe to a Sazerac cocktail (rinse the glass with it.) But that will have to wait for later. We are laser focused today. I’m not even going to mention the best TV show of 2022 (Station 11.) We are all far to busy submitting abstracts for that kind of a distraction.

The First (and Probably Last) Annual CMEpalooza Awards!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to you all. Welcome to the First (and Probably Last) Annual CMEpalooza Awards, which shall be known forthwith as the Paloozies.

This first (and probably last) edition of the Paloozies will include a number of different categories and award eligibility extends back as far as the original CMEpalooza in the spring of 2014. A hearty congratulations in advance to all of the nominees – you’re all winners in my book!

And now…the actual winners of the First (and Probably Last) Annual Paloozies.

(Also, a quick reminder to submit your CMEpalooza Spring abstract by the end of the day on Friday.)

Best CMEpalooza Producer: Scott Kober and Derek Warnick (tie)
We should have given more thought to the ramifications of having an even number of voters (two). Did we vote for each other or for ourselves? I guess we’ll never know.

Most Frequent CMEpalooza Contributor (Brian McGowan Division): Brian McGowan
An obvious choice. If CMEpalooza was Hollywood Squares, Brian would be in the center square. Yes, he is the Paul Lynde of CMEpalooza.

Most Frequent CMEpalooza Contributor (non-Brian McGowan Division): Karen Roy and John Ruggiero (tie)
Did I look at every session and add up how many times each person participated in CMEpalooza? Heck, no, that’s way too much work. But this sounds right, so I’m going with it. Congrats to John and Karen for your first (and probably last) Paloozie!

Best CMEpalooza Session: Grant Request Rock! (Kate Biles, Ann Marie DeMatteo, Antonio Meo)
This category was judged solely on the number of YouTube views. The Grant Request Rock! session has currently over 2000 views, which is by far the most views of any CMEpalooza session.

Honorable Mention: Jake Powers, CME Detective – Accreditation with Complications.
This session gets honorable mention because it made me laugh for the entire hour and features a cameo by my wife at the end. Yes, I’m biased. 

Best Yoda Impression During a CMEpalooza Session: Donald Harting, Walking the Talk, CME Puntua Lortu
You may think, perhaps, that I am being cryptic or that this category has some sort of metaphorical meaning. I assure you that neither is the case. We all need a little more CME Yoda in our lives.

Best Costume Design: The CME Advice Columnists:
Haleh Kadkhoda as the Statue of Liberty was a touch of genius. Odd genius, but genius nonetheless.

Honorable Mention: From Activation to Evolution: What CME Can Learn from the Trump Campaign, Uber Scandal, and Amazon.
Nice wigs. A touch of Colonial America.

CMEpalooza Blogger Who Writes Too Much About the Books He Has Read: Derek Warnick

CMEpalooza Blogger Who Includes Too Many Sixers References: Derek Warnick
Ru-…no, this one is true. I regret nothing. Trust the Process.

NBA Player Who Represents the Standards of CMEpalooza: Joel Embiid
Because he is awesome, like CMEpalooza.

CMEpalooza Blogger Who Includes the Most Obscure 80’s References: Scott Kober
Maybe we should stop focusing on continuing education and start focusing on books we read about basketball players from the 80’s. That would be right in our wheelhouse. Who wouldn’t want to hear about the Alex English biography I read in the 8th grade?

Best Blog Post (Scott Category): Addressing the Controversy Head On
Scott has written a few political parodies over the years (some better than others). This is still our favorite, coming out just before the 2016 election during the “Access Hollywood” scandal.

Best Blog Post (Derek Category): Everything In Its Right Place
Anytime I can work Radiohead lyrics into a blog, it’s going to be my favorite.

Best CMEpalooza Sponsor: Vivacity Consulting (Erin Schwarz)
Yes, I know, this is where I’m supposed to say “It’s a tie! We love all our sponsors equally!” While true, Erin and Vivacity Consulting hold a special place in CMEpalooza history as our first ever sponsor. Also, we both kept mispronouncing “Vivacity” when we read the list of sponsors and still feel badly about it.

Honorable Mention: CMEology
The only sponsor of every CMEpalooza since its inception.

REMINDER: Submit an Abstract for CMEpalooza Spring

I attended the Alliance conference in person last week, and I now have a great idea for a presentation. Should I submit an abstract for CMEpalooza Spring?


I attended the Alliance conference virtually last week, and I now have a great idea for a presentation. Should I submit an abstract for CMEpalooza Spring?


I did not attend the Alliance conference last week, but I have a great idea for a presentation. Should I submit an abstract for CMEpalooza Spring?


I don’t know what the Alliance conference is, but I have a great idea for a presentation. Should I submit an abstract for CMEpalooza Spring?

Uhhhhhhh…sure, why not.

What are you even talking about?

We’re accepting abstracts for presentations at CMEpalooza Spring. Click here to read all the details.

Ah, I see. When are they due?

By the end of the day on January 28. We would love it if people would submit early!

Yeah, that’s not happening. I’ll submit it on the due date like everyone else. Can you give me a direct link to the application form?

Click here to go directly to the Google Form.