Fall 2017

CMEpalooza Fall is a 1-day event scheduled for Wednesday, October 18, 2017, that will feature a series of unique sessions focused on topics relevant to the broad CME community. Broadcasts will stream live on the LIVE page of this website and be available for viewing shortly after their conclusion on the Archive page. There is no charge to view or participate in any of these sessions.

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10 AM ET
Common/Not-So-Common Case Conundrums in CME
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Sponsored by Global Academy for Medical Education
A repeat of one of our most successful offerings from last fall, this session will focus on case-based scenarios that highlight a variety of issues faced within our industry and allow our panelists to brainstorm viable solutions. There is even a twist – each panel of respondents will only be given their case 24 hours in advance (we’ll also put the description of our website at the same time) to add some real-world time pressure to the situation.

Team 1
Jacqueline Brooks, Senior Vice President Medical Strategy, RMEI
Linda Gracie-King, Managing Partner/Co-Founder, AXIS Medical Education
Amanda Kaczerski, MS, CHCP, Director of Educational Strategy and Design, Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning

Team 2
Ronan O’Beirne, EdD, Director of Continuing Medical Education, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Andrew Crim, CHCP, Executive Director of Professional and Continuing Education, University of North Texas Health Science Center
Karen Busse, MS, CCMEC, Director of Continuing Medical Education, Norton Healthcare

11 AM ET
Grant Review
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Sponsored by Forefront Collaborative

No one actually reads my proposals. Grantors already know who they are going to approve before reviewing applications. I need at least Level 5 outcomes to get approved. These are just some of the grant review “myths” that our esteemed group of panelists will be discussing. Will they be busted, confirmed, or plausible? Join us on October 18 to find out! 

Ted Singer, CHCP, President, PVI, PeerView Institute for Medical Education

Julia Shklovskaya, Sr.Manager, Independent Medical Education and Medical External Affairs, Takeda
Dale Kummerle, Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Beth Page, Consultant, Medical Education, Eli Lilly and Company

Noon ET
Lunchtime Session Sponsored by Genentech
From Activation to Evolution: What CME Can Learn from the Trump Campaign, Uber Scandal, and Amazon
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The upset victory that shocked the world, a blog post that led to the ouster of one of the most powerful CEO’s in tech, and the most disruptive retail company the world has ever seen: join us as we take a detailed look at some of the biggest news stories of the last year and discuss the lessons that we can apply to our world of CME.

My Hanh Zacharia, Medical Education Manager, Learning and Clinical Integration, Genentech
Shashi Shankar, MPH, Manager, U.S. Medical Affairs, Genentech

1 p.m. ET
Dessert Session Sponsored by Prova Education
Chatting With Graham
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Grab a slice of pie and a cup of coffee and join our dessert time chat with the President and CEO of the ACCME. Lawrence Sherman will lead this casual conversation with Dr. McMahon, covering a wide range of topics and questions from the audience. More information to come on the CMEpalooza blog on how you can submit a question you would be interested in hearing discussed during this session.

Lawrence Sherman, FACEHP, CHCP, Senior Vice President, Educational Strategy, TOPEC Global

Special Guest
Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and CEO, Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

2 p.m. ET
The CME Advice Columnists
Sponsored by Integrity CE
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The ACCME told you what?! Your faculty chair is how late with her disclosure?! You are doing the job of how many people?! Face it – our professional lives can be stressful as we are pulled in various directions. Let our advice columnists be your lifeline to sanity! In this session, we’ve gathered experts from various CME circles to offer their sage advice on whatever is really, really bugging you. Have a professional problem you want solved? Tell us about it. This is your chance to get some answers!

Haleh Kadkhoda, MS, Senior Director, Collaborative Grants, Medscape

Sarah Meadows, MS, FACEHP, CHCP, Accreditation Administrator, Denver Health
Greg Salinas, President, CE Outcomes, LLC
Gabriella Cruze, CHCP, Director of Education, Physicians’​ Education Resource

3 p.m. ET
Outcomes: A Study in Three Acts
Sponsored by Practicing Clinicians Exchange
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Johnny was a small town boy with big dreams. He didn’t want play football, work in the mill, marry his high school sweetheart. Johnny had questions no one cared to answer. Toe the line, they said. Don’t make waves. And they were winning.  But just before all hope was lost, the Quasi came to town and so too, a new way of looking at old problems.  Suddenly, that voice in Johnny’s head took form.  Would he step up and embrace a new future?  Would the town?  Would the bedrock of everything everyone had ever known be shattered?  Or would status quo yield its mighty sword and secrets remain secrets?

Sounds like a freakin’ awesome straight-to-Netflix Jean-Claude Van Damme career reboot.  Would you believe it’s actually an allegory of CME outcomes? Yes…that means you, reading this now, are on the precipice. Time to decide on the red or blue pill. This session will literally change your life…unless of course, it doesn’t.

We’re going to follow Johnny as he learns about study designdata collection, and analysis. In the end, we’ll all have some practical new tools for enhancing our outcomes practice. We know the powers-that-be would rather you do something else at 3 pm (eastern) on Wednesday, October 18, but we believe in the prophecy. You are the chosen one.  

Jason Olivieri, MPH, Director, Outcomes, Med-IQ
Andrew D. Bowser, ELS, CHCP, Chief Developer, Health Education and Outcomes, IconCME
Jamie Reiter, PhD, Director, Educational Outcomes, CME Outfitters, LLC

4 p.m. ET
Building a Better Grant Request
Sponsored by ASiM
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We hear frequently from pharma funders regarding what they look for in a grant request, but what about those providers who consistently develop proposals that get funded? What’s their secret? In this session, we’ve gathered representatives from four accredited providers who were consistently cited as excelling in the development of comprehensive grant proposals to learn about how they build successful proposals. Who is involved in the process, what are the key components, and how do they make them unique?

William Mencia, MD, FACEHP, CHCP, Vice President, Education and Medical Affairs, Med-IQ

Theodore Bruno, MD, Chief Medical Officer, The France Foundation
Rob Lowney, Principal/Managing Director, CMEology
Julie White, Director of CME, Boston University School of Medicine