Fall 2022

CMEpalooza Fall is a 1-day event scheduled for Wednesday, October 19, that will feature a series of sessions relevant across the CME/CE spectrum. Broadcasts will stream live on the LIVE page of this website and be available for viewing shortly after their conclusion on the Archive page. There is no charge to view or participate in any of these sessions.


Breakfast Session Sponsored by Med Learning Group

Healthy Futures: The Intersection of Public Health and CME (view archive)
As we look ahead at the future of the CME industry, we must welcome the opportunity to bring about more public health concepts to educational programs. CME has continuously evolved to include innovative methods to deliver education, yet the industry lacks emphasis on public health concepts. During this session, panelists will discuss Healthy People 2030’s initiative to support efforts of improving patient care through addressing, mitigating, and emphasizing the understanding of the effects of social determinants of health (SDOH) by sharing direct examples of how specific SDOHs shape a patient’s access to proper care, their understanding and adherence to their care plan, and ultimately overall patient outcomes. Working to provide evidence-based recommendations for healthcare providers to address socio-economic, cultural, and systemic issues with their patients that tie directly to the therapeutic area in question are paramount as we move forward.

Lauren Welch, Vice President, Outcomes and Accreditation, Med Learning Group

Helany Baylouny, Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships, Med Learning Group
Nicole Longo, Director of Medical and Scientific Services, Med Learning Group
Samantha Lansdowne, Director, Medical Education, Regeneron

10 AM ET
Gamification in CME: Balancing Entertainment and Education (view archive)
Session Sponsored by Integrity CE, DKBmed, and RedMedEd
I’ll take CME for $200, Alex (sorry, can’t get used to him being gone yet). Gamification in education at all levels has been around for generations as a mechanism to help engage learners. As technology has evolved, it has allowed CME providers to develop more sophisticated offerings. Too often, however, gamification is an educational gimmick that providers don’t fully appreciate or leverage. In this session, we’ll focus on the key components necessary to successfully plan, develop, and assess activities that rely heavily on gamification components.  

Katie Robinson, PhD, CHCP, Senior Director, Outcomes and Analytics, Vindico Medical Education

Michele Huneke, Director, Education Innovation, American College of Radiology
Debi Susalka, Partnerships Director, AKH Inc.
Sam Glassenberg, CEO, Level Ex

11 AM ET
Putting the Improvement in Quality Improvement (view archive)
Session Sponsored by AcademicCME, Antidote Education Company, and Vindico CME
This program will prove that improving the quality of your quality improvement will improve the quality of your program. Our panelists will utilize their QI experience to discuss the challenges, pitfalls, and value of creating QI programs that close important clinical gaps. They will examine the value of QI in CME and help you understand how to design and support your own QI initiatives.

Dean Beals, President & CEO, DKBmed

Michael Reilly, Executive Director, Medical Education, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Myra Cervantes, Grants Manager, Independent Medical Education & Programs, Gilead Sciences
Andrea Harshman, Director, Office of Professional Education, National Jewish Health

Noon ET
Lunch Session Sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo
Implementation Science: Reimagining Solutions to Systems-Based Needs (view archive)
Industry continues to think more about how clinical decisions are made and how to compliantly partner with health systems as an above-brand, equal stakeholder in solving pain points such as patient experience, cost of care, and/or concordance with clinical guidelines. Independent medical education (IME) is crucial to help accelerate scientific information into practice, but we cannot always rely on evidence to automatically be implemented into practice through IME alone. Implementation Science is becoming increasingly necessary as individual clinicians, health systems, and managed care organizations are looking for solutions to major pain points. This session is intended to demonstrate how to develop a collaborative, systems-based approach to care and establish quality-centric goals. Further, it is intended to discuss how to successfully act on an approach that elevates patient experience together in areas of mutual interest.

M. Tery Bishay, PharmD, RPh, Associate Director, Medical Proficiency Acceleration Center, Daiichi Sankyo
John Ruggiero, PhD, MPA, CHCP, Senior Director, Medical Affairs and Head, Medical Proficiency Acceleration Center, Daiichi Sankyo
Robert Stern, Founder/CEO, @Point Of Care

Better, Smarter, Faster: We Have the Technology
Trends in Medical Publishing (view archive)
Session Sponsored by Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning and Prova Education
Has the path to publication really changed that much since the Six Million Dollar Man graced our screens? If you are considering publishing needs assessments or outcomes data, this session will address many questions. Have you considered the best format and outlet for your selected target audience? Do you know enough about the publishing environment and current best practices? Are you up to date on the trends in medical publishing? We are frequently reminded of the excessive timeline between new data or guideline availability and incorporation of the same into clinical practice. This delay starts with the time taken for publication in traditional formats. In this session we will discuss the reason for and possible solutions to counter this challenge in a new digital era. Hear from an industry veteran about what can be done to get published information in the hands of clinicians, patients and educators more efficiently, and discuss the relevance for today’s CE community. We will also share design considerations so that your publication can pack a punch Steve Austin would be proud of.

Karen Roy, CEO and Co-Founder, infograph-ed 

Mark Riotto, President and Founder, The Research Post
Renée Walker, Associate Professor, Visual Communication Design, Thomas Jefferson University

Social Media CME (SoME): Shiny Object or Real Deal? (view archive)
Session Sponsored by HealioCME and Medscape
Obviously, social media is a fabric of our lives. But it’s evolving quickly as forward-thinking organizations and individuals are figuring out how to leverage its capabilities in new ways. Clinicians can now go Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms not only to pick up random educational tidbits, but to actually interact and participate in accredited educational activities. How does this work? What are the potential pitfalls? And what’s with all of the emojis floating around everywhere that I can’t understand? So many questions. This panel has the answers.

Allison Gardner, PhD, CHCP, Senior Vice President, Educational Strategy and Content, Med-IQ

Janan Sarwar, PharmD, Chief Content Officer, The Happy PharmD
Kurt Kleefeld, Director, CME Institute
Allison Kickel, FACEHP, CHCP, Founder & President, Bonum CE

Afternoon Snack Session Sponsored by Physicians’ Education Resource
Grants Hotline: Reopened! (view archive)
The Grants Hotline has been dormant since it was last open in 2019, so we are reopening it to answer all your burning questions. The concept is pretty simple: You have grants questions? We have grants answers. This will be an audience-driven session, so start making a list of your most pressing questions now!

Jim Palatine, RPh, MBA, President, PER & PTCE

Suzette Miller, Director, Medical Education Grants and Sponsorships, Global Medical Affairs, Genmab
Alexa Vintimilla, CHCP, Sr. Manager, Global Medical Education Grants, Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Sylvia Nashed, Specialty IME Specialist, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Lori Carpenter, Lead, Global Medical Education, Seagen Inc.

Game, Set, and Match: Clinician Learning Styles Across the Generations (view archive)
Session Sponsored by epocrates, PlatformQ, and Catamount Medical Education
How do physicians learn? Are we giving them what they want and need? What works for them as they juggle family and professional responsibilities, and what doesn’t? In this session, we’ll be joined by three physicians — who also happen to be excellent tennis players — at different stages of their careers to get a glimpse of how they absorb (or maybe, don’t absorb) professional education that makes them better providers. 

Scott Kober, MBA, Co-Producer, CMEpalooza

Neeraj Dubey, MD, Neurologist, Integrated Medical Group, PC
Jeffrey B. Ware, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Abhay Singh, MD Candidate, Drexel University College of Medicine