Tech Tools We Can’t Live Without

4 thoughts on “Tech Tools We Can’t Live Without

  1. Here are links to the Apple App Store for the iOS apps I presented in my segment of the “Tech Tools We Can’t Live Without” session:

    Overcast: Podcast Player featuring Smart Speed & Voice Boost

    Sight – Save Articles, News and Recipes by Capturing a Screenshot

    IFTTT – Create powerful “recipes” with one simple statement – If This Then That

    Genius Scan – Mobile PDF Scanner

    Apple Health App (built into iOS 8)

  2. And here are links to the Pubmed saved searches and collections and the ArcheMedX Resource Center with more than 1,000 resources supporting the CME community!

    Social Media in Medicine:

    Medical Education Research:

    Educational Technology:

    ArcheMedX Resource Center:

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