Monthly updates on CMEpalooza in our roundup newsletters

September 2014Heading Down the Homestretch
August 2014
 — Introverts Unite!
July 2014 The Debut of Our Moderator Interviews
June 2014 — Why Are You Doing This?

2 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Only 6 out of 10 or the Palooza Sporcle quiz. Seriously disappointing. Oh. And Google Hangouts on Mars is a great idea for CMEPalooza Spring 2015 (or whatever you plan to call it). Perhaps Sir Richard Branson would be willing to sponsor the transportation?

    1. True story: I once played laser tag with Richard Branson at a birthday party at a “laser dome” in Oxford. Random facts are our specialty here at CMEpalooza HQ…

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