Presenter guidelines for CMEpalooza Spring (Wednesday, April 6, 2016)

  1. Anyone is welcome to submit a proposal. All proposals will be posted online, and we will crowdsource the CMEpalooza Spring agenda via survey feedback from the CME/CE community (deadline is Feb. 1).
  2. Your topic should have at least a remote connection to continuing education for HCP’s
  3. You can choose a 30- or 60-minute slot. That slot encompasses your entire presentation plus any Q&A time.
  4. Co-presenters are welcome and encouraged. You can have up to four co-presenters, in addition to yourself.
  5. Format is up to you. Want to do a straight didactic talk with slides (acceptable, but I think you can do better)? Panel discussion (better)? Pro-con debate (even better)? A singalong (let’s not get carried away)? Creativity with content and organization of your proposed session is STRONGLY encouraged.
  6. Please do not submit an abstract for a session identical to one that you have previously presented. We are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind sessions.
  7. If you choose to use slides (not a requirement), they will need to be submitted ahead of time and the moderator (Derek or Scott) will advance them.
  8. You will need a Google account. You will need a laptop with a camera (almost all do). You will need a pair of headphones with a built-in mic. If your session is selected, we will have a very brief audio-video Hangout trial run ahead of time for you and any co-presenters to test your setup.
  9. All sessions will both be available for live viewing and archived on YouTube and the CMEpalooza website.
  10. Have fun.

If you’re interested in signing up as a presenter for CMEpalooza Spring, please complete the form below (only the lead presenter needs to complete the form). We’ll contact you shortly.


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