Spring 2018

CMEpalooza Spring is a 2-day event scheduled for Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26, 2018, that will feature a series of sessions selected from a pool of submitted abstracts. Broadcasts will stream live on the LIVE page of this website and be available for viewing shortly after their conclusion on the Archive page. There is no charge to view or participate in any of these sessions.

10 AM ET
Not Another Outcomes Panel! (Or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bar Graphs)
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Sponsored by ASiM
In recent years, the discussion about outcomes levels has elevated reports from just including information about “butts in seats” and “the quality of the dinner” to “nonoverlap” effect sizes, participant profiling, and more advanced statistical modeling. But, with these advances, the only comparators between the programs that remain are participation and satisfaction. Additionally, even dynamic outcomes reports are leaving out key components that not only make outcomes difficult to aggregate but difficult to understand the actual impact of these programs.
This panel will put together supporters who have also lived in provider worlds to answer the following pressing questions:

  • What components are supporters actually looking for in outcomes reports?
  • What features do the best reports contain?
  • What mistakes or omissions are commonly found?
  • Has the CMS ruling on CPIA changed anything regarding reporting?
  • How do supporters’ needs align to the needs of health systems and other internal stakeholders?
  • What are the differences between educational outcomes and clinical trial outcomes? How do we talk about that difference with stakeholders and help them understand the significance of education?

Ultimately the goal of this discussion is show the need for outcomes standardization and why it will benefit everyone within medical education.

Greg Salinas, PhD, President, CE Outcomes

John Ruggiero, PhD, Associate Director, Genentech U.S. Medical Affairs, Learning & Clinical Integration
Karyn Ruiz-Cordell, PhD, Associate Director, Medical Education and Data Analytics, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Maria Deutsch, MS, PharmD, Associate Director, Medical Education, Bristol Myers Squibb

11 AM ET
Including Patients and Patient Advocacy Groups in Educational Planning & Delivery: How to Make It a “Win-Win”
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Sponsored by Forefront Collaborative

CME providers are increasingly moving towards the inclusion of patients and patient advocacy groups in their HCP and patient directed educational activities. It is clear to many why this is a “win” for educational providers. What, however, can patients and patient advocates gain from taking part in such collaborations? We will run through several true case-scenarios with our panel presenters, and through that process, hear their take on the value they perceive to gain through lending their voice to HCP and patient ed programs.

Kathryn Pucci, Senior Vice President, PlatformQ Health

Christian Rubio, Vice President, Marketing, PlatformQ Health
Sarah Krüg, Executive Director, Cancer101
Allen Doederlein, Executive Vice President of External Affairs, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Noon ET
Lunchtime Session Sponsored by Genentech
Fear Not the Force: ​Twenty Predictions Five Years Later
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Five years ago, great masters within our galaxy predicted the elements of change, threat, and opportunity that can transform learning into an agent of change. Using Dr. Curtis Olson’s mid-2012 publication, Twenty Predictions for the Future of CPD: Implications of the Shift from the Update Model to Improving Clinical Practice, medical Jedi-in-training are now assembling to better understand what has occurred since publication, and the powerful forces in motion that will influence the most essential decisions within our industry now and tomorrow. Join us to be reminded that the Force is in every one of us should we choose to accept it.

John Ruggiero, PhD, Associate Director, Genentech U.S. Medical Affairs, Learning & Clinical Integration

Patricia Jassak, MS, RN, CHCP, FACEHP, Director, IME and Advocacy Development, Astellas Scientific
Caroline Pardo, PhD, Senior Director, Learning and Analytics, PRIME Education
Jill Erickson, MPH, Director, Independent Medical Education & External Affairs, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
My Hahn Zacharia, PharmD, Clinical Integration Scientist, Genentech U.S. Medical Affairs, Learning & Clinical Integration
Jeremy Linsenmeier, MD, Medical Education Manager, Genentech U.S. Medical Affairs, Learning & Clinical Integration

1 p.m. ET
CME Unicorn – Lessons from Silicon Valley and the Stage
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Sponsored by Medscape Education
CMEing doesn’t have to ALL be didactic or dry. Can we push ourselves to create programs that adults get excited about spending their sweet precious time on?

The answer is yes. Yes, of course we can.

But how?

Easy! We’ve got to move from a place of “nah, that won’t/can’t/shouldn’t work” to exploring the place of “yeah, let’s actually spend time thinking about ways to make this idea work.”


Improv and applying Design Thinking! Using secrets from Silicon Valley! Fostering a culture that allows it to be okay to try something new! Join us and we’ll walk you through some things that will change your life. Seriously.

Nina Taylor, MA, Deputy Director, Division of Education, American Psychiatric Association
Ashley Whitehurst, Program Manager, Medscape

10:00 AM ET
Seeing It Both Ways
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Sponsored by PeerAudience
This session, featuring two representatives from medical education companies and two from industry, will focus on the variables that go into a grant budget and why they vary so widely from provider to provider. How does industry make comparisons between submissions? What is and is not considered reasonable? How are providers who have never received previous funding evaluated?

Riaz Baxamusa, CHCP, MBA, Associate Director, IME Grants, Astellas Pharmaceuticals

Audrie Tornow, CHCP, Senior Director, CME, Paradigm Medical Communications, LLC
Pete Sheldon, BA, Vice President, Education and Patient Engagement, Med-IQ
Mary Faulkner, Senior Manager, Independent Medical Education, AbbVie
Amanda Solis, Global Director / Grant Officer for Inflammation and Immunology, GMG, Pfizer

11:00 AM ET
IDEAS for developing effective digital interventions to change health behavior
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Sponsored by Educational Measures
A gap exists in how digital interventions are designed when the goal is to change health behavior. Most frameworks are used as tools to develop technologies to help improve medical and patient care. How can we most effectively develop digital interventions to drive behavior modification? This session will introduce IDEAS, a step by step process for integrating approaches to guide the development and evaluation of digital interventions. IDEAS is comprised of 4 overarching stages: Integrate, Design, Assess and Share. Panelists will describe essential components and real-world experience in development and implementation of effective digital interventions. This will be tied to practical advice for educational providers and supporters when designing, implementing and supporting educational interventions using technology to improve health behavior.

Julia Shklovskaya, Senior Manager, Independent Medical Education and Medical External Affairs, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Christopher V. Almario, MD, MSHPM, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Health Services Researcher, Division of Digestive and Liver Diseases, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Daniel Wray, MS, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Twine Clinical Consulting LLC
Cynthia Kozic, PharmD, Manager, Independent Medical Education and Medical External Affairs, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Noon ET
Lunchtime Session Sponsored by ACHL
Addressing Educational Needs Around Medicinal Cannabis: Implications for CME
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CME providers face a conundrum when addressing use of treatments that fail to follow a normal FDA drug development process and subsequently the ACCME clinical content validation process. Using medical marijuana as a case study, our panel will explore the key issues under consideration by medical professionals that formulate professional practice gaps, review which states currently have CME requirements for physicians to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment and assess how that has been approached, and discuss best practices and implications for CME providers when faced with an educational need in an atypical environment.

Amanda Kaczerski, MS, CHCP, Director, Educational Strategy & Design, ACHL

Steven Kawczak, PhD, CHCP, President, ACEHP Board of Directors; Director, Professional Development, Cleveland Clinic
Joseph Kim, MD, MPH, MBA, President, Q Synthesis LLC
Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President & CEO, Accreditation Council for CME

1:00 PM ET
Elevating our Educators: Practical Strategies for Improving Faculty Teaching Skills
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Many faculty in CME/CPD are excellent and seasoned educators; others feel they know how to educate but fall short on delivery. Often, preparation for clinical practice doesn’t equip faculty to be effective educators in the context of adult learning principles and competency-, performance-, quality improvement-based CME/CPD. And no doubt many us have worked with faculty well known for their clinical and research expertise, but who simply don’t know how to educate adult learners.

As CME/CPD professionals, we know there is no one particular way to be an effective educator; in fact, there are multiple approaches, some of which make for more effective teaching in CME/CPD than others. This session explores best practices and tried-and-tested strategies for coaching faculty, to ensure they develop and deliver educational content effectively across a variety of learning formats. This panel of CME/CPD practitioners with deep expertise in coaching faculty will share challenges and successes in preparing faculty to support learning.

Alexandra Howson, MA, PhD, CHCP, President, Thistle Editorial

Robyn Snyder, Director of Education Design, American College of Cardiology
Ailene Cantelmi, Director, Educational Development, The France Foundation
Eve Wilson, PhD, CHCP, Medical Director, The France Foundation