New presentation added to agenda; submission deadline one week away

I’m thrilled to announce the latest addition to the CMEpalooza agendaPatient-level Outcomes: Dos and Don’ts, Whys and Hows by Greg Salinas, PhD, Director of Research and Assessment Services, CE Outcomes, LLC.

This brings the total number of presentations to ten, which, I have to admit, blows me away. Several people have asked me if there is still room for more presentations. Absolutely! That’s the beauty of a virtual conference – I can add as many presentations as I want. There’s still plenty of room for more sessions on March 20 and if that fills up (which I doubt will happen), I can just extend it to the next day. So, yes, there’s still room for more presentations. Please feel free to submit your idea, but remember, the deadline to submit is one week away (Feb. 1). Might as well submit it now!

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