CMEpalooza extended to March 20 & 21; schedule posted

As I have been telling you all along, the beautiful thing about running your own virtual conference is that you get to make up your own rules and do whatever you want. So, when you suddenly realize you have 21 presentations scheduled and almost 10 hours of presentation time, rather than panic and wonder how to squeeze everyone in to one day – you just extend the conference to the next day and…voilà! CMEpalooza is now a multi-day conference!

Click here for the schedule for March 20 and here for the schedule for March 21. We will be starting promptly at 10 AM ET both mornings and finishing up somewhere between 3:00-4:00 PM ET. I have built in two small breaks each day, mostly to act as a buffer in case we get off-schedule. Presenters have been warned that they’re allowed to do pretty much anything during their presentations EXCEPT run over time. I plan to be fairly ruthless about ending at scheduled times, which I can do since all it takes to end a session is clicking the OFF button (ahh…if only all of life was so easy).

And, yes, you can still order a CMEpalooza T-shirt if you’re interested. $15. Any size, any color. Just send me an email with your specifications and mailing address.

2 thoughts on “CMEpalooza extended to March 20 & 21; schedule posted

    1. Thanks, Anne! Yes, absolutely – that’s why I’m using Google+ Hangouts. All presentations will be recorded and archived on YouTube. After the conference, I’m planning to embed the videos on the CMEpalooza website so anyone can view them. That’s the plan, anyway…

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