For a number of reasons — most of which are rather boring — I’ve decided to make the CMEpalooza website the main viewing area for the live streaming presentations next week (wait…next week? Next week?!? Already it’s next week?  Yikes.) What this means is that I’ve added a new page to the website, not-so-cleverly named “LIVE“, where participants can go to watch all the presentations as they’re happening. Previously, I had been instructing everyone to go to the CMEpalooza Google+ page to watch the presentations. This is still true and you can watch the presentations there if you wish, but after doing a little experimenting, I think having a dedicated webpage to watch the presentations will make for the easiest viewing experience.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for the live presentations:

  • Each presentation is streamed separately. It is not one long streaming video throughout the day. When the first presentation is finished, the video feed you are watching will end. There will be a delay of a few minutes while I get the second presentation set-up. You will need to refresh your page to see the next video feed. Once you see it on your screen, just hit the play button again and wait for the presentation to start. We will try to start every presentation as close to the scheduled start time as possible. We will not start early, so if one presenter finishes early, we will wait for the scheduled time to start the next presentation.
  • To send in questions during the presentations, click on the Q&A link that shows up at the bottom of the video. This will open the video in a new window that includes both the video and the ability to ask questions. You need to have a Google/Gmail login in order to ask questions.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A GOOGLE+ OR GMAIL ACCOUNT TO WATCH THE LIVE PRESENTATIONS (can you tell that’s the questionI get asked the most?)
  • Yes, all the presentations will be archived for later viewing…unless I screw something up

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