A Palooza Quiz for All

Everyone has their time-sucking Web site, that page you visit when your brain needs a 5-minute break at work or home. For several years, mine has been Sporcle. It’s not quite the brainless entertainment as, say, People.com (apologies to the wife), so I don’t feel too guilty when I’m on there.

Sporcle is a repository of quizzes using a variety of different formats that focus on thousands of different topics and themes. You can find a quiz on just about anything. The “Featured” quizzes on the homepage are either written by staff or nominated from those developed by the public.

For about a year, I’ve been trying to think of ways to incorporate a Sporcle quiz into an educational activity (Can you put a post-test up on here? Hmm…) but haven’t actually tried it yet.

I did, however, create a Palooza quiz just for our upcoming event. So when your brain needs a break, check out this link. I’m guessing the average score will come in at around 50%. You’ll be able to see how others answered on each question when you’re done. Maybe you’ll even learn something.

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