Last Chance to Vote!

Every once in a while, something works out much better than you ever expected – and no, I’m not referring to ELO’s appearance on the Grammys last night, though Mr. Blue Sky was totally awesome (note: I’m old). I’m talking about our decision to post all the CMEpalooza Spring abstracts online and ask people to vote on their favorites. I admit that I was a little worried about it. What if everyone else thought it was a stupid idea and nobody voted?

But that didn’t happen. Not even close. As of Sunday night, we had over 730 total votes submitted, which roughly translates to approximately 150 voters.  I never imagined we would get this kind of a response, and it delights me to no end.  To me, CMEpalooza will always be the little conference that could, so to have this many people expressing an interest in determining the agenda for CMEpalooza Spring is both overwhelming and gratifying. Thank you all so much for making this work!

And if you haven’t yet had a chance to have your voice heard, you still have time. We will officially close the poll at 5 p.m. ET, so go to now (1 vote per device). We’re coming down to the wire and the tally is still very close. I have no idea what the final agenda will be, which is a tribute to how many great abstracts we had submitted. Go vote now!

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