And Now… A Word for Our Sponsors

We hope to have the agenda for CMEpalooza Spring ready for public unveiling in the next few days (probably Monday), but in the meantime, we wanted to give everyone an update on the other important component of our event — namely, our sponsors.

For those of you who have been living under a Fraggle Rock for the last year (“Dance your cares away, worries for another day…”), this is our second time accepting sponsors for CMEpalooza, and we’re thrilled that so many folks in the CME community recognize the value of attaching their names to our event. We especially love those who post and tweet their love for us on social media — since we do most of our promotion through free online platforms, we’re always happy when others help us spread the word to their networks.

There are currently 9 sponsors whose information can be found on the Sponsor tab of our website, including our 3 newest bronze-level sponsors — CME Outfitters, Global Academy for Medical Education and PlatformQ (all first-time supporters). Here is the full list, as of Feb. 11:

Gold Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors

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