Our First Company Spotlight — Wednesday, June 24

As I am sure everyone remembers — or at least the 12 of you who tuned in — a few weeks ago we had a suspense-laden drawing to coincide with the launch of the latest addition to our online family, the CMEpalooza Company Spotlight. At the headquarters of Educational Measures — our winner — we’re told there were champagne corks a-popping, fireworks a-bursting, and high fives a-slapping (or was it just a muted “Oh goody”? I can’t keep these things straight).

Anyway, we’re excited to announce that we’ve agreed upon the date and time for the first of hopefully many Company Spotlights… Wednesday, June 24 from noon-12:30 p.m. ET.

I am sure a lot of you are scratching your heads wondering why exactly you’ll want to tune in and what exactly we’ll be talking about. And while I won’t give away too many secrets, as with all of the Company Spotlights we’ll hopefully be broadcasting (your organization can get one of your own by going here), the focus will be on the cool kinds of things our featured company is involved in. So for Educational Measures, you’ll probably hear about how audience response technology is evolving, the right way (and the wrong way) to take advantage of the technology they provide, and how they are changing to meet the shifting needs and wants of today’s learners.

Rest assured this is not a capabilities presentation. While there surely is a promotional element to it, our goal is to highlight the cool and interesting things Educational Measures is involved in and not to bore anyone with slides and numbers and company-speak. I’ll be moderating (Derek will probably be there in the background looking like a schlub, as usual) to make sure we touch upon topics that our community will be interested in hearing about. There will be opportunities for our audience to ask questions as well, just like in our other CMEpalooza events.

While we hope you can join us live, each Company Spotlight will also endure on our website, as well as YouTube for anyone who wants to check it out once the camera lights blinks red (ie, I hit the “End broadcast” button).

Wednesday, June 24. Noon ET. Tell your friends.

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