The Few, The Proud, The Wise… Our Sponsors

Since we began offering sponsorships of CMEpalooza last fall, Derek and I have been pleasantly surprised by the both the number and diverse nature of companies who have chosen to align themselves with our events. Not that it isn’t worth it (of course it’s worth it), but with any new idea, you never know what’s going to stick and what’s going to fall flat.

Fortunately, this is one of the many aspects of CMEpalooza that seems to have resonated with the CME community, and we’re once again grateful to all of the sponsors of CMEpalooza Fall. You can (and should) visit the Sponsor tab on our website to find out more about each of these companies, but I’ll provide you with the quick and dirty here.

Pharmaceutical Companies
Genentech (Gold Sponsor)

Medical Education Companies (MECCs)
PlatformQ Health Education (Gold Sponsor)
Imedex (Silver Sponsor)
Paradigm Medical Communications (Silver Sponsor)
AsIM (Bronze Sponsor)
Clinical Care Options (Bronze Sponsor)
CMEology (Bronze Sponsor)
Forefront Collaborative (Bronze Sponsor)
Global Academy for Medical Education (Bronze Sponsor)
PVI (Bronze Sponsor)
Vindico Medical Education (Bronze Sponsor)
Global Education Group (Banner Ad)

Technology Providers
Educational Measures (Silver Sponsor)

Delivery Platforms
RealCME (Bronze Sponsor)

CE Support Services
CTI Meeting Technology (Silver Sponsor)
HighMarks CE
 (Bronze Sponsor)

Medical Education Conglomerates
MedPageToday (Silver Sponsor)

Content Development Services
Thistle Editorial (Bronze Sponsor)

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