A Sneak Peek with… Derek Dietze

Here at CMEpalooza headquarters (slogan: Never a Line for the Women’s Restroom), we’re often on the cutting edge of, well, something. And with our pre-event promotional efforts, as you are no doubt aware, we often try to inject some humor and quirkiness into things.

Before our previous Paloozas, we typically have held “themed” interviews with session moderators that at times were interesting and insightful. One problem: Not many people took the 10 minutes necessary to watch them. So we figured for this spring that we wouldn’t waste any more of your day than absolutely necessary.

Hence our 3-minute conversation with Derek Dietze below, which is quick and to the point. You’ll see the agenda, you’ll see Derek (no truth to the rumor that a decaying body is under the sheet in his background), and you’ll get a little bit of the flavor of the session he will be presenting this Spring, entitled Your CME Saved the Health Care System How Much Money?

And then you can go back to your day.

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