A Sneak Peek with… Sara Miller

As everyone knows, the best way to convince someone to do something they may not want to do is to guilt them into it. And so, when I met Sara Miller at January’s Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions annual conference (at the bar, of course), it is possible that I may have casually said something like, “So, how is your abstract for CMEpalooza Spring coming along?” And Sara, who is apparently too nice, may have responded with something like “Uh, good, good. Just fine.”

Lo and behold, a week later, it was apparent that my strategy worked, as an abstract with Sara and her co-presenter Heather Guerrero from Gilead Sciences showed up. They will be presenting a session during CMEpalooza Spring entitled “Kwahl’i-tē im-prūv’mĕnt: You Can Say It, But Can You Do It?”

We recently caught up with Sara, who daylights as the Director of the QI Institute, CE Strategy and Content at Med-IQ, to talk about her upcoming session. Consider the video below as your guilt-free pleasure of the day.

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