A Sneak Peek with…Jason Olivieri

We are now exactly 1 week away from CMEpalooza Spring, and what better way to celebrate than with a sneak peek into crowd favorite Jason Olivieri’s presentation, A Dissection of Feasible Interpretive Tangents From a Discrete Comparative Assessment in CME (aka: What Does My Outcomes Data Mean?) Jason will be joining the exclusive 3-Time CMEpalooza Presenter club, and we are thrilled to have him back again.

As a warm-up to Jason’s session next week, I recommend first viewing his session from CMEpalooza Spring 2015, Secrets of CME Outcome Assessment…Revealed. As you can see, he has a flair for creatively titled sessions, which he combines nicely with practical tips that really pull in the audience. Watch that one, then check out the overview of his next session below.

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