CMEpalooza Haiku – It’s Back!

The people clamored for it (no one clamored for it).

Scott loves it (he hates it).

I’m tired of it (I love it).

It’s CMEpalooza Haiku!


coming up next week

it’s CMEpalooza

october nineteen


please light a candle

for google hangouts on-air

killed by youtube live


how much must I pay

for such wonderful programs

silly guy they’re free


the brief wondrous life

of oscar wao? no, a grant

poor junot diaz


casual convos

folks talkin’ ‘bout CME

no jacket requir’d


therefore never send

to know for whom the TELMS tolls

TELMS it tolls for thee


two four six and eight

c’mon all let’s innovate

time for something new


confirmed or busted

CME mythbusters know

tune in to find out


ce conundrums

common and not-so-common

presented at 3:00


twenty slides twenty

seconds auto-advancing

that’s puntua lortu

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