We’re Back…

It’s been 73 days since the CMEpalooza blog has been active (we feel your pain), but rest assured that our crack team of interns has been busy with some rigorous data analysis and boots-on-the-ground research to come up with a variety of ways to improve the overall learner experience in 2017.

Plus, Derek spent the last 2 months busily charting the course for his ultra-lux private New Year’s week cruise to celebrate his 20th wedding anniversary, and he simply couldn’t tear himself away from his study of latitude and longitude for more than 5 minutes at a time to write one of his pithy missives. I believe he and his beau are somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle right now – I’m sure all of those warnings about mysterious disappearances are hocus pocus (at least that’s what I told him along with my “Bon Voyage!”).

Anyway, in the next few days, you’ll be seeing a variety of announcements in this space, but we wanted to kick things off by letting you all know about the broadcast dates for CMEpalooza in 2017. So without further ado…

  • CMEpalooza Spring — Wednesday, April 19
  • CMEpalooza Fall — Wednesday, October 18

Probably a good idea to clear your calendars now.

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