BIG Archive Update

BIG update to the archive, guys. BIG BIG update. Yes, I’ve added all the sessions from CMEpalooza Spring 2017, but that’s not the BIG update. No, the BIG update is much bigger. Much much bigger.

Are you ready for it?

Maybe you should sit down first.

OK, here we go.

The BIG archive update is this: I added the presentation year after the name of each session so you would know how old it is.


Amazing, right??? No? Yeah, I know. It’s hard to make an archive sexy, if you know what I mean. We do have over 70 sessions in the archive now, so that’s pretty cool. And adding the year is helpful for people who…want…to know…the year. OK, it’s still not that great, but we have lots of free videos. Check it out sometime.



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