Old Game, New Rules, Bigger Prize: It’s #CMEpalooza Bingo!!

As all 4,256 loyal followers of the CMEpaloooza blog know, prior to every biannual broadcast, we do a special event where we challenge you to find answers to some really piercing questions on the websites of some of our valued Sponsors. There has been CMEpalooza Pursuit!! and CMEpalooza Scavenger Hunt!!, but the all-time favorite seems to be CMEpalooza Bingo!!

Perhaps it’s because so many of you spend your Friday nights down at your local community VFW holding tightly to your lucky talismans as you pray for “O 68”, but man, you guys love your Bingo.

And so, CMEpalooza Bingo!! is back again this fall.

But there is a catch. Partly because we have too many sponsors to fit onto a Bingo card (27 of ’em) and partly because, well, we wanted to make some tweaks to generate more interest, there are a few new rules.

Here goes:

STEP 1: Download all of the necessary Bingo forms by clicking on this link. That will give you the Bingo board, the Bingo questions, and the Bingo answer sheet. You should also queue up our Sponsor page, which will give you direct links to all of the websites you will need to visit.

STEP 2: A successful entry involves completing a Bingo – it can be horizontal (that’s straight across), vertical (that’s up and down), or diagonal (that’s, um, diagonal).

Wrinkle No. 1: A successful entry also involves completing the clue for one of our two Gold sponsors – Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning or Genentech. So a total of six (6) answers are necessary this year for a successful entry. I can hear you whining already about the extra work, but hey, think of all the interesting information you are going to learn about our industry!

STEP 3: Email your completed form to me at scott@medcasewriter.com along with a witty subject line (witty subject line is optional). Entry deadline is 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, September 30.

Wrinkle No. 2: You can enter up to 3 times this year, but you need to complete a unique Bingo for each entry (yes, you can repeat the Gold sponsor question). You can even send all of your submissions to me in a single bulk email. Every entry is another chance to win our grand prize.

STEP 4: Wait until the morning of Monday, October 1, when we will have the CMEpalooza Bingo!! prize drawing in the law offices of Simmons, Fultz, and Brown (note from Derek: I see what you did there).

Wrinkle No. 3: In past years, we had multiple winners of smallish prizes ($25-100). This year, we are doing away with the piddling stuff and simply giving away one single $500 prize. That’s right, $500. What might you do with $500? I guess it depends on your personal preference, but here are some practical ideas courtesy of The Motley Fool website – pay down your credit cards, make an extra mortgage payment, buy life insurance. Here are some less practical ideas courtesy of me – buy a football autographed by Carson Wentz, a 2-oz tin of Beluga caviar, or a George Costanza signed and framed baseball card.

Sounds simple enough, right? Yes, yes it does. So get cracking there, chipmunk.

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