A Special CMEpalooza Offer

We’re big fans of free here at CMEpalooza headquarters. Just ask our trusty interns, who constantly ask about things like “back pay” and “overtime” and “bonuses.” Ha ha, keep dreaming people!

But anyway, we know that a slice of the CME/CE community is decamping to the Alliance meeting in National Harbor, MD, this week, so we figured we’d come up with something special for our friends and fans in attendance.

Find Derek (he’s the tall guy with the goofy grin and the faraway look in his eyes) and utter the simple phrase “Shake Milton” to get a free — yes, free! — registration to CMEpalooza Spring (offer limited to the first 500 participants).

Even better, this simple utterance will serve as an ice breaker to talk to Derek about any number of topics about which he is passionate. For instance: Cocoa Puffs, synchronized swimming, supply-side economics, the War of 1812, archipelagos, and postmodern architecture. He’s a fascinating guy.

2 thoughts on “A Special CMEpalooza Offer

  1. Do you also attend the annual ACCME meetings?


    Melissa Horner | Sr. CME Coordinator | Legacy Health
    2801 N. Gantenbein Ave. | Portland, OR 97227 | (503) 413-3255 | mhorner@lhs.org
    To view our CME calendar for upcoming events, visit: https://cmetracker.net/LHS/Catalog
    CME Calendar Archive to claim credits

    1. Not sure yet, but you can certainly still earn your free CMEpalooza registration in many, many ways. Like, well, doing nothing. There is no registration fee for CMEpalooza – it is always free for everyone. Today’s post was a ploy to help Derek make new friends by forcing people to talk to him about his many passions in life.

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