It’s Coming Up Outcomes

Whenever we do surveys of our audience regarding what topics they’d like to hear more about, outcomes are always at the top of the list. Derek and I have stopped trying to explain it – we just shrug our shoulders and say, “OK, looks like we’re going to plan another outcomes session this spring/fall.”

Let’s face it, for the non-statisticians in this world — and despite a semester of Statistics in grad school, I am most definitely one of you — a lot of the data and numbers crunched to make up CME/CE outcomes reports can give us a headache. I think I sorta, kinda understand P values by now (note from Derek: it’s “p-value”, Einstein) (note from Scott: the comma goes inside the quotation mark, Shakespeare), but once you start getting into things like confidence intervals, risk ratios, etc., my head starts to hurt.

Fortunately, there are a handful of very smart people in our industry who play the role of the aspirin in the medicine cabinet. You show them these weird numbers and they explain to you, in actual English sometimes, what they mean. As announced last week, I’ll be joined by several of these smart folks from Haymarket Medical Education and the National Association for Continuing Education next week for our special CMEpalooza Spotlight at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, December 9. We’ll be talking outcomes, and really not a lot about the specific nomenclature itself, but more about how to create value across the span of stakeholders with outcomes reports. What do supporters look for in outcomes reports? How can providers make sure their data is reliable? What do you do with all of the data you don’t use in your reports?

This is a free, 30-minute session that requires no registration, no credit card, no nothing. Just go to our LIVE page at the appointed time and tune in.

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