Would You Rather: CMEpalooza Edition

The team at CMEpalooza HQ is hard at work putting the finishing touches on our Spring agenda, and we hope to have something for you relatively soon. As a reminder, CMEpalooza is a little earlier than usual this year (Wednesday, March 24), so if you haven’t already marked it on your calendar, please do so now.

[looks at calendar for March 24]

[realizes he forgot to block it off for CMEpalooza]

[quickly adds it]

[breathes sigh of relief and chuckles that Scott will never know]

In the meantime, I thought I would give you all a sneak peek at one of the new sessions we are planning. I don’t want to ruin the surprise by revealing too many details, but I think it’s a cool idea and thought we could have a little fun with it now.

Basically, the session will be based on the party game “Would You Rather?” which I would imagine many of you have played at some point, you know, back when we went to parties (sigh.) I put together a few sample questions for Scott and I to respond to, some related to CMEpalooza and some not. Our responses are below. Feel free to play along at home and leave your answers in the comments. It’s fun!

(Side note: I told Scott he wasn’t allowed to say “It depends” and he did a good job sticking to it. The same applies to you and your responses.)

Would you rather…have a boring speaker with crystal clear sound or an entertaining speaker whose sound cuts out for 2 seconds every minute?

  • Scott: Let’s go with the krr-gzz-krr speaker whose sound cuts out every so often. You know that a boring speaker is never going to get any better. For someone with tech issues, you can always hope they will magically resolve themselves.
  • Derek: I have to go with the boring speaker with crystal clear sound. I die inside a little bit every time we have a speaker with bad audio quality and listening to a glitch every minute would be agony. Nothing makes me happier than a glitch-free session.

Would you rather…time travel back to the 1980s or 1990s?

  • Scott: The 1990s. I came so close to being able to dunk a basketball when I was 18 (note from Derek: define “so close.”} I would spend all week practicing with the lone goal of the weakest dunk in history. But it would count in the record books.
  • Derek: Unlike Scott, I actually could dunk when I was 18 (barely), so I am going to go with the 1980s. Such an iconic decade. Also, Philadelphia sports teams won two championships in the ’80s and I could never pass up a chance to attend the 1980 World Series or 1983 NBA Championship.

Would you rather…produce a CMEpalooza session done entirely as a Broadway musical or a session where one of the panelists is a mime?

  • Scott: Little known fact about me – I love musicals! (note from Derek: I did not expect this. I am stunned.) I would pay good money to hear you “announce” all of our sponsors in the key of G minor. Let’s add that to the spring to-do list.
  • Derek: Little known fact about me – it is my dream to someday have a CMEpalooza: The Musical! I am a very bad singer and would not sing the announcements (keep your money, Scott), but if anyone wants to do a musical for the fall ‘Palooza, apparently Scott and I are both open to it!

Would you rather…eat every meal with only a spoon or every meal with only a fork?

  • Scott: What a stupid question – of course a spoon. How do you eat soup with a fork? (Ask my 9-year-old son though and he’ll happily respond, “Neither. I’d just use my fingers like I do anyway.”)
  • Derek: Definitely a fork. You can always drink soup from the bowl. How the heck are you going to cut a steak with a spoon? Eating peas with a fork would be super-annoying, though.

Would you rather…moderate a CMEpalooza session wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey or a Boston Celtics jersey?

  • Scott: There is one rule in the Kober household – the day you dare say anything nice about the Cowboys or Cowboys fans is the day you are no longer welcome to live here. Plus, when it’s Jerry Jones vs. whoever owns the Celtics (I have no idea), it’s an easy call.
  • Derek: It can be argued that the Eagles/Giants rivalry is on par with the Eagles/Cowboys rivalry. There is no question about who the Sixers biggest rival is. We hate the Celtics, and a Boston Celtics jersey will never grace this body (sorry, that got a little weird).

Would you rather…the only thing you can watch be an episode of 80’s sitcom “Webster” or the only thing you can listen to be 90’s hit song “Macarena”?

  • Scott: I have often considered legally changing my last name to Papadopoulos (“What’s the name for the reservation?” “Papadopulous. Do you need me to spell that?” “Of course not. I loved Webster too”). Does that answer your question?
  • Derek: Ugh, this might be the worst one. I guess I have to go with Webster, too, but that show is terrible. I can live without watching TV, but I couldn’t handle only hearing the Macarena every time I put my airpods in. That is a bridge too far.


3 thoughts on “Would You Rather: CMEpalooza Edition

  1. I’d prefer the boring speaker with clear sound – if a good speaker cuts out it’s twice as annoying: the sound quality and missing good stuff.
    The 80s I guess, as long as I could apply what I know now to my life then.
    Musical definitely – mimes are just annoying.
    Celtics (but I am transplanted to Philly from New England)
    Webster, I guess (silence would be preferable to either – then I can sing my CME musical songs to myself!)

  2. clear sound – entertaining speaker with sound issues is like fingernails on a chalkboard with a side of disappointment.
    80s – more fun
    Musical – and I would be willing to help support this coming to fruition
    Fork – easy enough
    Cowboys – that’s easy. America’s team! Oh the glory days
    Webster – just because.

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