New Haiku On The Block: It’s CMEpalooza Haiku!

my response when asked
why do you write in haiku:
why do you breathe air?

tune in next wednesday
would recommend. great. five stars.
you can watch it here

9 AM ET – How Digital Platforms, Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Learning Are Transforming the CME Learning Experience

let’s hope this session
doesn’t transform us into
the terminator

10 AM ET – Surviving 2021: Lessons Learned from Surviving 2020

we survived ‘20
can we survive ’21?
that’s rhetorical

11 AM ET – Two Truths and a Lie: An In-Depth Look at the New ACCME Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education

born in delaware,
can juggle fire. brown eyes
can you spot the lie?

Noon ET – Making Your Target Audience Your Outcomes Audience: Partnering to Share Our Value

only one ship can
help share your ce story
the good ship partner

1 PM ET – The Masked Provider

It’s not who I am
underneath, but what I do
that will define me

2 PM ET – Would You Rather: Grantor/Provider Edition

a would you rather:
this session done in haiku
or a musical?

3 PM ET – I Know the Answer, But What’s the Question?

A wise man once said
find the answer you seek by
the question you ask

4 PM ET – CME Pop Trivia II

like aerosmith sang
cme pop trivia
back in the saddle


such a fine reward
for sponsoring palooza
haiku with a link


yay Med Learning Group
back in the gold-life again
after a brief break

hey ho do you know
the PER head honcho
it’s Phil Talamo

a gold sponsorship
shows there is truth in their name
Projects in Knowledge


Academy for
Continued Healthcare Learning

perfect haiku name

former gold sponsor
now a silver fox

socratic method
plus healthcare plus a cool app
makes epocrates

founded in oh-six
Integrity CE gives
CE honestly

when a peer appeared
to peer at PeerAudience
a pier disappeared always a pleasure
to see friends from PlatformQ
in the sponsor queue

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