CMEpalooza Spotlight: It’s a Hot One

Hey gang, it’s your pal Derek here. Feels like it has been a while since I posted anything on the ol’ palooza blog. How’s your summer going? If the weather where you are has been anything like it’s been in Philadelphia, you have probably been spending the majority of your time inside like me basking in the A/C. I think weather like this can best be summed up by the lyrics of modern-day minstrel Rob Thomas from his 1999 ballad Smooth, which opens with Rob crooning the poetic words:

“Man, it’s a hot one.”

Truer words were never spoken, Rob.

Speaking of modern-day minstrels, few people realize what a lovely singing voice CMEpalooza’s own Scott Kober has. He is far too modest to ever say anything about it, but I once heard him bring down the house with his 1 am version of Firehouse’s Love of a Lifetime in the JW Marriott Orlando hotel lobby bar at the Alliance conference a few years ago (note from Scott: Derek’s memory is failing him. It was The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News in San Francisco). That alone was worth the cost of the registration fee. I recommend asking Scott to sing a little something the next time you see him. Sometimes it takes a little encouragement to build up his confidence, so don’t feel bad about nagging him constantly to do it.

But let’s get back to the main point of this post: finding more opportunities for sitting comfortably indoors in the A/C. Lucky for you, we have a CMEpalooza Spotlight session with our friends at Daiichi Sankyo coming up on Thursday, which gives you another opportunity to bask in the coolness of the indoors. Here are the details:

CMEpalooza Spotlight. Thursday, July 22. 11 am ET. You watch it here.

Heeding the advice of Rob Thomas in the parting words of Smooth — “Let’s not forget about it” — I recommend adding the CMEpalooza Spotlight to your calendar now. Hope to see you all there!

2 thoughts on “CMEpalooza Spotlight: It’s a Hot One

    1. Hmmm, yes, it would have been helpful if I had mentioned that in the actual blog post. Per Mr. Kober, the topic is Innovations in CE: A Supporter’s Perspective on Using RFPs to Enhance Public Health.

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