Someone Needs a Present

Today is Derek’s birthday (it’s impolite to ask how old he is), and he told me that there are only two things he wants:

  1. This game-worn Kenny Thomas Philadelphia 76ers jersey from the landmark 2002-03 season
  2. Your submission of a CMEpalooza abstract for our Spring event

Yes indeed, there are only two more days for you to brainstorm a super creative idea for consideration as a CMEpalooza Spring session. You can get all the information you need here about what we’re looking for and how to go about submitting your idea. Perhaps if your session is extra, extra special, you’ll even be in the running for a Paloozie when we have our next awards ceremony in 2029 (mark your calendars now).

Derek already suffered a crushing birthday disappointment this morning when he found out his childhood crush (Vickie from Small Wonder) wasn’t an actual girl. Don’t make things worse for him.

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