Fall 2014

CMEpalooza Fall is a 1-day event scheduled for Wednesday, October 15, 2014, that will feature a series of panel discussions focused on timely, relevant education for the CME community. Broadcasts will stream live on the LIVE page of this website and be available for viewing shortly after their conclusion on the Archive page. There is no charge to view or participate in any of these sessions.

9:00 AM ET
The Future of CME: What Will CME/CPD Look Like in 5-10 Years? (click here to view the archive)
How many of us would have predicted 10 years ago that, in 2014, an ever-increasing percentage of healthcare providers would be obtaining continuing education via their phones? In this session, our panel will gaze into their CME/CPD crystal ball and discuss how they think – and hope – continuing education will change over the next decade. They will be focusing on three themes in particular: interprofessional education, global education, and innovation.

Lawrence Sherman, FACEHP, CCMEP — Senior Vice President, Educational Strategy, Prova Education

Kathy Chappell, PhD, RN — Vice President, Accreditation Program and Institute for Credentialing Research; Director, ANCC Accreditation Program, American Nurses Credentialing Center 
Eugene Pozniak — Managing Director, Siyemi Learning; Programme Director, European CME 
Bryan Vartabedian, MD — Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine

10:00 AM ET
Have We Forgotten About the Content in Continuing Medical Education? (click here to view the archive)
At the majority of recent CME industry meetings, the focus seems to be on educational design and outcomes, and there is little being done to address the fact that it is content that still drives our field. This session will shed some light into why content remains crucial to successful CME that changes practice, look into the best ways to develop content for the explosion of new types of CME activities (case-based, games, etc.), and help our audience understand that we can’t just “rely on our faculty experts” to develop interesting and impactful content.

Allison Gardner, PhD — Vice President of Educational Strategy and Content, Med-IQ

Kenneth Korber, PA — Director of Education & Development, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
Alyce Kuklinski, NP, RN — General Manager, Virology & Other Therapeutic Specialties, Clinical Care Options 
Anne Jacobson, MPH, CCMEP – Freelance Medical Writer

11:00 AM ET
Death of the MECC: Fact or Fiction? (click here to view the archive)
Sponsored by MedPageToday
The numbers are grim. Pharma support of CME continues to decline, as do the number of accredited providers of continuing education. The winds of change have perhaps blown hardest in the world of medical education and communication companies (MECCs). In this session, our panel — representing MECCs of different sizes and structures — will provide high-level insight into how MECCs have adjusted and continue to adjust to today’s financial realities of our industry, how they may be changing their approach to education, and look into into whether MECCs even have any future in this field.

Jan Perez, CCMEP — Managing Partner, CME Outfitters, LLC

Marissa Seligman, PharmD — Chief Operating Officer and General Manager, Clinical Care Options
Theodore Bruno, MD — Vice President, Medical Education, The France Foundation
Daniel Guinee, MBA, CCMEP — Executive Vice President and Partner, Advanced Studies in Medicine 

Lunchtime Panel Sponsored by Genentech
Incorporating Learning Systems and Quality Improvement Into Continuing Medical Education (click here to view the archive)
This session will focus on ways in which quality improvement (QI) can be partnered with learning systems for the development of individual educational initiatives. Panelists will examine the drivers behind the increasing prominence of QI in CME and discuss the value it contributes to continuing professional development today and in the future.

Scott Weber, Co-CEO, Med-IQ

Alex Djuricich, MD, Associate Dean for CME, Indiana University
Catharine Smith, Vice President, Quality, Education and Meetings, Society of Hospital Medicine
Kathleen Moreo, RN-BC, CEO, PRIME Education

1:00 PM ET
What Do Supporters Do With Outcomes Data? (click here to view the archive)
Sponsored by Imedex
How do supporters of CME utilize data from the many programs they support? How is data from disparate organizations analyzed in a sensible fashion? How is outcomes data dispersed internally to determine future departmental goals? In this session, our panel will discuss how their organizations collect, combine, and collate the dozens of outcomes reports they receive annually and provide viewers with a window into the world of CME supporters.

John Ruggiero, PhD, CCMEP — Senior Medical Education Manager, Independent Medical Education Department, Genentech

Maureen Doyle-Scharff, MBA, FACME, CCMEP — Senior Director, Team Lead, Independent Grants for Learning & Change, Pfizer
Patricia Jassak, MS, RN, CCMEP — Director, Independent Medical Education and Advocacy Development, Astellas Pharma
Greselda Butler, CCMEP — Manager, Professional Education, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc.  

2:00 PM ET
Tech Tools We Can’t Live Without (click here to view the archive)
This session will feature a little different format than the rest of the panel sessions at CMEpalooza Fall. Rather than a roundtable discussion, this will be more of a product demonstration where each panelist will show off some of the tools they use on a regular basis that help make their work lives a little bit easier and efficient. The goal for this session is to give the audience a taste of a few tools they are not familiar with and get their creative juices flowing!

Derek Warnick — Co-Producer, CMEpalooza Fall

Scott Bradbury, MS — Director, Division of E-Learning, American Academy of Pediatrics
Anne Grupe — Director, CME at American Society of Clinical Oncology 
Brian S. McGowan, PhD — Chief Learning Officer, ArcheMedX, Inc
Tom Zosh — Development Manager, FIS

3:00 PM ET
Publishing Outcomes Data: Tips and Tricks (click here to view archive)
Sponsored by Genentech
Publishing data related to continuing education (CE) for the healthcare professions is a critically important strategy to demonstrate the need for, and impact of, education and training. However, it is often omitted from educational provider programs and data from CE continues to be under-represented in the medical literature. As the CE community embraces advances in educational research and integration with Quality Improvement, the demand for peer-reviewed publications is also certain to increase. This panel will draw on expertise from academia and publications leadership to provide guidance on planning and executing an appropriate publications strategy to demonstrate value of CE and optimize data dissemination. Examples from CE programs will be shared to demonstrate various publications opportunities.

Karen Roy, MSc, CCMEP — Principal, Ardgillan Group LLC

Christopher L. Drake, PhD — Bioscientific Staff Investigator, Henry Ford Sleep Disorders and Research Center
Allison Gardner, PhD — Vice President of Educational Strategy and Content, Med-IQ

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  1. Derek/Scott: I’d like to include links to some of the CMEpalooza content in our grants guide book. Let me know if I should go through you or the session moderators/panelists.

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