Coming This October: CMEpalooza Fall!

I’m thrilled to announce that we have scheduled another CMEpalooza event this fall! Tentatively scheduled for October 15, we’re calling this one CMEpalooza Fall instead of CMEpalooza II or something else of that ilk because this one will be quite a bit different from the original. CMEpalooza was a wide-open event where anyone could present on any topic they wanted. That was my goal for it, people seemed to like it, and we’re going to keep the Spring event that very same format. I like challenges, though, so when Scott Kober from the The Institute for Continuing Healthcare Education suggested doing another CMEpalooza that only included panel-style presentations, CMEpalooza Fall was born!

Aside from the “panel-only” format, CMEpalooza Fall will differ from the original in that there will be a limit to the amount of sessions (around 5 or 6) and a planning committee will have final say on topics for the sessions. Also, I won’t be going solo this time around. Scott is an experienced Google Hangout moderator and has graciously offered to help plan and run the palooza. It was fun doing it alone last time, but I’m happy to have someone with his experience on-board for this iteration.

What has not changed is how participants will view the presentations. We will still be using Google Hangouts On-Air, you will still go to the LIVE page on the CMEpalooza website to watch them, and they will still be free to all. There may be a few adjustments and improvements along the way, but in general, the viewing experience will stay the same.

Below are some of the topics we are currently considering for CMEpalooza Fall. I would LOVE to hear your feedback on which topics you are interested in and which ones you are tired of. In addition, if you would like to suggest a topic and/or speakers for one of the panel sessions, please let me know! Below the list of potential topics is a form you can complete to submit your comments and suggestions. If you prefer, you are welcome to email me at Thank you for any feedback you can provide!


  • What happens to outcomes data once it is submitted to a supporter?
  • Death of the MECC – Fact or fiction?
  • How well do you know yourACCME criteria?
  • Publishing outcomes data – Tips and tricks
  • Are we losing our focus on the “education” piece of continuing education?
  • Shopping for an LMS – What to look for
  • A CME Director’s worst case scenario handbook
  • The future of CME: What will CME look like in 5-10 years?
  • Tech tools we can’t live without



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