Updates to the website and a reminder to submit topic suggestions

A rather boring update today, I’m afraid. The first thing is that the former cmepalooza.wordpress.com is now http://www.cmepalooza.com, so if you’re old school and like to type urls into your browser, it’s less work for you! (That was 25 bucks well spent…) All the old urls will still work, so no worries if you have already bookmarked it. I’m not exactly sure how that works – I’m guessing it’s either magic, fairies, or magic fairies.

The second item is that Scott and I will be making a few changes to the website over the next week or so as we adjust to the addition of CMEpalooza Fall. The archive from the original CMEpalooza will be moved, but still available and hopefully still with the same urls. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Lastly, we are hoping to solidify our list of topics for the panel sessions within the next week or two. If you have any topics you would like to suggest, please be sure to submit them using the form at the end of this blog post or by emailing me at dwarnick@theCMEguy.com. We would like to have all suggestions in by end of day Thursday.

Thank you!

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