A Word From the Co-Coordinator

Those of you who have been on this site are of course familiar with Derek, but who then is this “Scott” person he’s been speaking of? If Derek is the brains behind CMEpalooza, perhaps he is the brawn? I wish, but not quite.

I started using the Google Hangout On Air platform to broadcast and record CME activities beginning in the fall of 2013, so I was an interested observer of the first CMEpalooza in the spring and provided Derek with a few tips and pointers as he was prepping. Not long after Derek wrapped up the first event, I emailed him to see if he would be interested in teaming up to make this event even better and lighten his load as its sole organizer. I think his eloquent and well thought out response to my initial email was something along the lines of, “Sure.”

So while Derek will rightfully remain the primary face of CMEpalooza, I’ll be chiming in on the home page from time to time with some additional updates and perspectives as things begin to take shape.

Just be nice to Derek and I won’t have to get rough with you.

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