March 20


10:00 AM
Why Adult Learning Theory Is Insufficient to Drive Learning (click to watch archived video)
While the CE community is increasingly leveraging adult learning theory in the way they develop and deliver content, new research suggests that this may be insufficient to drive learning. Within the scope of this presentation I will introduce this new research, explore what has come to be called the ‘natural learning actions’, and provide a very practical set of examples of how the CE community can effectively support the natural learning actions and ensure that clinician learners can efficiently learn.
Brian S. McGowan, PhD, Chief Learning Officer, ArcheMedX, Inc.

10:30 AM
Online QI and PI CME – Going Beyond Simple Data Collection (click to watch archived video) (click here for slides)
The AAP has been doing interactive online QI/PI CME since 2003 via its EQIPP platform…and we’ve learned a lot of hard lessons along the way. I’ll talk about what has worked, what hasn’t, and the steps we’ve taken to take these important MOC-eligible experiences beyond simple data collection.
Scott Bradbury, MS, Director, Division of E-Learning, American Academy of Pediatrics

11:00 AM
Learning to Love (Your Job) Again through Communities of Practice
(click here to watch archived video)
Although we all may feel a bit like Chandler Bing on Friends when folks ask us what we do “exactly”, the field of continuing education for the health professions is not for the faint of heart. We need to keep up on the ever-changing regulatory landscape, be prepared to change course mid-stream due to budget constraints or other issues that strive to derail the best laid plans, and keep focused on a million moving parts for each activity. So when is the “caretaker” taken care of? How do you spend some time in your own effective professional development in the midst of competing priorities? Who do you turn to when you don’t know an answer or are working through an issue on which you’d like a different perspective? This session will focus on the importance of communities of practice and highlight how to create or become part of an existing platform.
Tricia Wilson, MS, CME Program Manager, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Office of Continuing Medical Education

11:15 AM
Activity Planning: Improving the Process to Align with Accreditation Criteria
 (click here to watch archived video) (click here for slides)
The ACCME Overall Compliance Results demonstrate that providers are continually challenged by the accreditation criteria in Essential 2: Education and Planning. Often providers are not aware that their current practice is not the best practice until they experience the reaccreditation process. This session is designed to share a CME planning document process that systematically addresses Criteria 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 17, 18, and 19. This awareness will assist providers with their own planning processes with tangible examples that will encourage continuous improvement related to Essential Area 3: Evaluation and Improvement.
Beth Brillinger, CCMEP, Director of Accreditation, CME Outfitters, LLC

11:45 AM
Patient-level Outcomes: Dos and Don’ts, Whys and Hows 
(click here to watch archived video)
With the added expense and expectation of patient-level outcomes, why would anyone ever want to include one of these in a grant? Experience will be shared from someone who has run through the gauntlet on many of these, and we will discuss lessons learned, considerations that need to happen in the planning phase, and expectations of your results.
Greg Salinas, PhD, Director of Research and Assessment Services, CE Outcomes, LLC

NOON Break

12:30 PM
“Excel”lent Tricks for the Non-Expert: Exploring the Beauty of the Cells 
(click here to watch archived video)
During this session, we’ll explore a few handy ways to set things up in Excel that ought to make your life a little easier, or at least your management of data easier. The specific functions/features that we’ll take a look at include: VLOOKUP, data validation, conditional formatting, and perhaps combining INDEX and MATCH.
Erik Brady, PhD, CCMEP, Director of Analytics, Reporting, and Outcomes, Clinical Care Options, LLC

1:15 PM
Tranformational CE: Thinking “Out of the Box” to Lead Change 
(click here to watch archived video)
Transformation and Change is critical in order to succeed in the current landscape of continuing education. All of us as CE providers are required to think “Out of the Box” and innovate, create solutions that are highly impactful and can be sustained. This session will discuss innovative ways in which providers can think creatively to design, develop and deliver CE programs that achieve the goals and expectations. Strategies and tactics that align the CE unit within an organization to the overall QI goals of the system will be discussed. Case studies and success stories will also be shared.
Chitra Subramaniam, Ph.D, Asst. Dean and Director, Continuing Medical Education, Asst Director, Center for Educational Excellence, Duke Clinical Research Institute

1:45 PM
Before You Get Your Ducks in a Row, You Need to Figure Out What to Do with the Duck 
(click here to watch archived video)
Demonstrating how to develop content and analytics that apply the principles and frameworks of behavioral economics to persistent and perplexing health and health care problems. In medical education it is critical to provide insight into key influencers and barriers in clinical behavior relative to new healthcare policies, practice guidelines or new recommendations in evidence-based care.
Bonny P. McClain, MSc, DC, ASSESSmint, OpenMind Learning Genome

2:00 PM Break

2:15 PM
Qualitative Research and CEHP 
(click here to watch archived video) (click here for slides)
This presentation will focus on Qualitative Research methods, including in depth interviews, focus groups, and online research communities, and their application in the life phases of a CE/CME activity (needs assessment, formative evaluation, outcomes evaluation). Learners will take away basic information regarding research planning, question development, data collection, and analysis- and how organizations in the CEHP world are taking advantage of this exciting research methodology.
Wendy Turell, DrPH, CCMEP, PlatformQ Health
Alexandra Howson, MA (Hons), PhD, CCMEP, Thistle Editorial, LLC

3:00 PM
So You Think You Want To Be A Speaker 
(click here to watch archived video)
This playful presentation uncovers myths about being a clinical speaker, breaks down the types of speakers and presentations, and provides concrete steps for launching a speaking career.
Margy Schaller, Instructional Designer, President, Laser Pointer

3:15 PM
Literal Linkage of Learning Objectives to Specific Outcomes Levels: LINK-SMART (click here to watch archived video)
CME/CE professionals are often challenged to optimally report outcomes assessment results in a fashion directly linking them to specific outcomes levels and learning objectives. Fuzzy linkage, and therefore suboptimal reporting, leave significant room for improvement. To address these challenges, a new approach for developing learning objectives that are directly linked to specific outcomes levels (both from a needs assessment and outcomes assessment standpoint) will be described. I call the approach LINK-SMART. Is the approach a simple uninteresting twist to the traditional, a radical and unrealistic departure from the usual, an efficient and practical simplification of customary approaches, or something else?
Derek T. Dietze, MA, FACEHP, CCMEP, President, Improve CME, LLC


10 thoughts on “March 20

  1. This line-up is stellar, intrepid and awesome!!! And so is the CMEguy!
    I am very disappointed not to be able to contribute to the inaugural #CMEpalooza; however, I am anticipating the 2nd annual #CMEpalooza already. Hint, hint….

  2. Will you be recording & posting these sessions? I may be able to catch presentations here & there, but I’m in the midst of a multi-day meeting 😦 Will at least be following the Twitter feed! Thanks for setting this up – LOVE the lineup!!

    1. And speaking of the archive, it’s up! Links to the videos for the March 20 presentations are now available, right on this page. Just click the links beside each presentation title.

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