March 21


10:00 AM
Marketing to Today’s Clinicians (click to watch archived video) (Click here for slides)
The evolution of technology and other trends that impact CME and health education have far outpaced the level of marketing and technology expertise of many education providers. This presentation reviews marketing and technology trends that every education provider has to pay attention to, as well as a few best practice examples.
Glenn L. Laudenslager IV, MBA, Charge Ahead Marketing

10:15 AM
Disseminating CE Data: Communications and Publications Planning for the CE Community
 (click to watch archived video)
All CE professionals are challenged with disseminating data generated from planning, executing and outcomes from CE programs. Providers and Supporters alike have a responsibility to share data demonstrating the impact of educational interventions to multiple stakeholders. We will review communications style, purpose and tips for strategic communications and publications planning in order to deliver data with greatest impact.
Karen Roy MSc CCMEP, Principal, Ardgillan Group LLC

10:30 AM
Moore than Outcomes Levels 
(click to watch archived video) (click here for slides)
Although the Moore’s outcomes levels are standardized within the CME community the key points made in the article itself are rarely discussed and even more infrequently implemented into CME programs. This will be a discussion about that article and what we have missed. More important, we want to point to how we can build from where the article ends.
Heather Guerrero, MA, CCMEP, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Sr. Manager, Independent Medical Education
Mazi Abdolrasulnia, Co-Founder, PackHealth, Founder, M Consulting LLC

10:45 AM
Streamlining Grant Review Processes and Increasing Your Free Time 
(click to watch archived video)
From an industry perspective, we will present a unique model for grant review that minimizes the number of grants submitted and maximizes the likelihood that submissions will be accepted. Founded on the Moore’s article, this process has been used successfully for five years. We will present the model and the best practices associated with it.
Heather Guerrero, MA, CCMEP, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Sr. Manager, Independent Medical Education
Lei Lynn Lau, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Manager, Independent Medical Education

11:15 AM
Sneak Peek at the 2014 Benchmarking Survey 
(click to watch archived video) (click here for slides)
We will select a few key points from the 2014 survey to highlight in this brief update on the 2014 survey results.
Heather Guerrero, MA, CCMEP, Gilead Sciences, Inc., Sr. Manager, Independent Medical Education, Past co-chair of the IACE Benchmarking Survey Work Group
Karen Dzenko, Associate Director, Medical Education, Boehringer Ingelheim

11:45 AM Break

The Art of Storytelling: Developing Patient Cases with Impact 
(click to watch archived video)
So your CME strategy includes an interactive patient simulation as an intervention to close an identified gap…..
What are best practices for designing and developing efficient, effective, and engaging cases for continuing education activities? This session will present three best practices for maximizing the unique characteristics that virtual patients possess for producing desired learning outcomes. Presented as a quick-fire interview of an experienced instructional designer, three key techniques will be shared for each of the three principles for simulating a clinical scenario. Topics may include tips for story development, providing adaptive feedback, developing branched-narratives, selecting the right model, defining the critical path, importance of character and voice, incorporating adult learning principles to your case-based activity.
Karen Roy MSc CCMEP, Principal, Ardgillan Group LLC
Tracy Meyer, M.S. Ed., Performance Improvement Consultant

12:30 PM
How Did All These People Get Here? Looking Beyond Level 1 Outcomes in Live Events 
(click to watch archived video) (click here for slides)
A big component of any live meeting is making sure there’s an audience. There are countless methods to generate an audience, but which one is best? And, since nobody likes a no-show, does an attendee’s method of discovery or registration have any relationship to their likelihood of actually attending? This presentation will review recent adventures in audience generation and the registration and attendance practices of participants to shed light on effective methods of building and maintaining an audience for live CME/CE programs.
Michael Baffuto, CCMEP, Director, CME Programming, Integrity Continuing Education, Inc.

1:00 PM
EACCME Made Easy 
(click to watch archived video)
When I started the EACCME process, I found it extremely difficult. Now I’m totally an expert and can help others who want to get European CME credit.
Pam Beaton, BS, CCMEP, Manager, Educational Accreditation and Certification Services, American College of Chest Physicians

2:00 PM Break

2:15 PM
Making Ordinary Meded Presentations Extraordinary: Lessons from the World’s Best Presenters 
(click to watch archived video)
Learn how to make your presentations stand out from the crowd. This presentation will provide some tips from some of the world’s best presenters.
Brandee Plott, Digital Healthcare Marketing Consultant

2:30 PM
Statistical Analysis In CME Outcomes 
(click to watch archived video) (click here for slides)
Although statistical analysis may appear complex, the level of analysis required for most CME outcome assessments (e.g., testing for statistical significance and effect size calculations) is often quite simple. This presentation will clarify why statistics are important (i.e., what questions they answer), how to choose the correct statistical tests, and how to interpret and report the results.
Jason Olivieri, MPH, Manager, Outcome Services, Imedex, LLC

3:00 PM
Implications, Applications and Approaches to Complying with the Sunshine Act 
(click to watch archived video) (click here for slides)
This presentation will address specific aspects of the sunshine act as they relate to CME activities. The talk will include a background of the act, how life science companies have interpreted the act relevant to CME activities, strategies for complying with these interpretations, and those technologies involved in the compliance and reporting process.
Ross E. Dworkin, BSEE, Technical Applications Specialist, Blue Grotto Technologies, Inc.

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