WANTED: Your Questions for the “Surviving 2021” Panel

I am going to begin this post with what some may consider to be a controversial statement: Wanted Dead or Alive is the best Bon Jovi song. I dare, nay, demand that you listen to this song through without once joining in with the echoing “want-ed” in the chorus. It can’t be done, I tell you. And who among us has not told the day by the bottle that you drink? (Hopefully none of you, because frankly, that sounds awful. Maybe that one time in college…)

You know what else is wanted dead or alive? Your questions for the Surviving 2021: Lessons Learned from Surviving 2020 panel (See what I did there, Scott? That’s how a professional handles a segue.) (Note from Scott: At least he used italics, because we all know one thing about Derek: He is no professional) The panel is anxious to know what questions you may have related to how COVID-19 and social justice issues have impacted the health of under-represented communities and would like to spend part of the 10 a.m. ET session addressing them.

If you have any questions you would like to send the panel, this is your opportunity. You can enter them in the form below. We’ll take questions until the end of the day on Wednesday, March 17.


Who Wants to Trivia, Again?

Last October I wrote a blog post appealing to everyone to stick around for the last session of the CMEpalooza day and play a little CME Pop Trivia. Did everyone listen? No…but a good amount did. Enough for us to exceed the capacity of our Poll Everywhere account, which, er…sorry about that. Scott I We sort of forgot about that limitation until it was too late. Oops.

Anyhoo, we have upgraded our Poll Everywhere account (huge thank you to our ARS sponsor PeerAudience!) to accommodate everyone so I am again putting out a call for lots of people to stick around and play CME Pop Trivia II at 4:00 pm ET on March 24. Why? Because it’s fun!

I, Derek (not Scott), will once again serve as the all-knowing Quizmaster for four rounds of CME trivia…and a sprinkling of pop culture, too. Our four noble Questionmasters did such a great job last time that I asked them all to return and, remarkably, they all said yes! They will each develop four questions in their topic:

  • From Questionmaster Brian McGowan: CME Legends & Lessons Learned
  • From Questionmaster Scott Gorman: Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education
  • From Questionmaster Tricia Wilson: Faculty Management
  • From Questionmaster Jon Simmons: CM-Editoriana

After each set of 4 questions, there will be an extra question based on some piece of arcane pop culture trivia that will have no relation to anything else. Why? Because it’s fun!

There will be music. Why? Because it’s fun! (Here is the Spotify playlist from CME Pop Trivia)

There will be drinking. Why? Because it’s fun! (make sure you revisit last year’s post for my overly-long description of how to create an excellent Manhattan, the perfect complement for trivia playing.)

There will be prizes. Why? Because of the generous support from our prize sponsor Academic CME! (First place gets a $250 Amazon gift card. Second place gets $150. Third place gets $100.)

As noted, we will again be using Poll Everywhere, so if you want to be super-prepared, you can go ahead and download the Poll Everywhere app.

CMEpalooza Flash Mob!! Winners

In a grand ceremony that included balloon animals, cotton candy, and carnival rides galore (my living room is a mess), on Friday we announced the winners of last week’s CMEpalooza Flash Mob!! sponsor event. Derek has asked that I present the winners in the style of an NBA public address announcers, so here goes nothing.

  • From the College of Charleston, the Annenberg Assassin, No. 19, Melisssssaaaa Ketchum (Melissa is the Director of Continuing Education at Annenberg Center for Health Sciences)
  • From Capella University, the Crooning CMEer, No. 31, Jessssssse Henrrrrrry (Jesse is a Consultant Learning at OhioHealth)
  • From Rutgers University, the Freelance Firebomber, No. 00, Suzanne Buuu-jjjjara (Suzanne is a Freelance Medical Writer)
  • From Grove City College, the Queen of Numbers, No. 3.1415, Annette Schwindddddd (Annette is the Director of Outcomes Assessment and Evaluation at Haymarket Medical Education)
  • From the University of Texas, the Southern Belle, No. 12, Stephanieeeeee Stagggggggs (Stephanie is a Program Coordinator at Texas A&M University College of Medicine)

Each of these lucky folks won a $100 Amazon gift card for their efforts. Maybe they can use that money to erase the memory of my butchering their names here to satisfy Derek.

For anyone interested in seeing the full list of CMEpalooza Flash Mob!! questions and answers, just click here. I will admit that there was one small hiccup with the Silver sponsor competition where a question changed on the fly (basically, in the 48 hours between the time I wrote the question and launched the competition, the provider took down the activity I was referencing from their website as it had expired for credit. Whoopsies). Everyone who threw up their arms and said, “I have no idea” got full credit for that one.