Welcome to CMEpalooza!

What the heck is CMEpalooza? Who is it for? When will it be? Where will it be? How are you doing it? Why are you doing it? Your questions answered below.

Anyone with an interest in continuing education – specifically CE for health care professionals – is invited to participate and/or present.

As the tagline says, CMEpalooza is a conference for CME/CE professionals that lets anyone talk about anything, any way they want. Presentation topics should have some connection to continuing education for health care professionals. That’s the only guideline. CMEpalooza isn’t big on rules.

March 20, 2014. Start time depends on how many people sign up to present. Current plans are to start at 1 PM ET. [UPDATE (10/30/13): We already have more than an afternoon’s worth of presentations, so start time will likely be some time in the AM.]

Your home, office, or home office. Through the magic of the interwebs, CMEpalooza will be a virtual conference, viewed entirely on the device of your choosing in a location of your choosing.

Because I really like the idea of giving people the freedom to present on a topic of their choosing with no strings attached. I want to provide a platform for those who have an idea they think is really great (or even just pretty good), but have never had a chance to present it. I also thought this format might be a nice presentation opportunity for those who aren’t comfortable getting up in front of a crowd of people and talking. You can read more here about the “why” behind CMEpalooza.

CMEpalooza will be a virtual conference, utilizing Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) live streaming capabilities. Presentations will be streamed live on the CMEpalooza Google+ page. You will need a Google+ account to present, but you will not need a Google+ account to view the presentations. The presentations will then be archived within a day or two here on the CMEpalooza website.

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