A brief word on the structure of CMEpalooza…

This is how I envision CMEpalooza working:

Each presentation will be streamed individually on the CMEpalooza Google+ page and then archived there and on this website. It will not be one continuos live stream that goes on for hours and hours. It a presentation is 15 minutes long, then the live stream will end after 15 minutes. There will be a delay of a couple of minutes while I get the next presenter set-up – during which there will be no video – and then we’ll start up again. You will need to refresh the page you’re on (the CMEpalooza Google+ page) to see the next presentation available for live streaming. The videos will be automatically archived on the Google+ page, which happens fairly promptly.

I’m really not expecting that participants will sit in front of their computers for an entire day and watch every presentation (I wouldn’t). At some point before the start of CMEpalooza, I plan to put together a scheduled agenda with an anticipated start time for each presentation (heavy emphasis on anticipated). People can then pop in and out, tuning in for the specific sessions they’re most interested in seeing. I really have no clue how many people will watch live – I’m not anticipating very many (though I do hope at least a few with G+ accounts do. There’s a cool Q&A app for Hangouts I’d like to try out). My guess is that the archive will be more watched and of more value to the CME/CE community. But, if if I’m completely wrong and a hundred people tune in to the live presentations, that would be fantastic!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “A brief word on the structure of CMEpalooza…

  1. Will the Q&A be built into the 15 minute time frame or will there be time set aside after the formal presentation for Q&A?

    1. Good question, Jan. Not having any idea how many people will be watching live – and how many of those will ask questions – I think we’re mostly going to be winging it. I’d suggest presenters should plan to leave a few minutes of their time (within their 15-, 30-, 60-minute, etc block) to answer questions. If their aren’t any, that’s fine – it will give me a little extra time to get the next presenter set-up. As the moderator, I’ll monitor the Q&A and may try to get any questions asked as they come in, if that fits the flow of the presentation.

      I’ll also add that each of the presentations, once archived, will have it’s own page on the website with a comments section where participants can ask questions. Hopefully presenters will check in occasionally and respond to any questions.

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