Deadline for presentation submissions: January 31

I hadn’t planned on establishing a set deadline for presentation submissions, but with further consideration, decided it might be for the best in order to provide an agenda with times for each presentation in advance. A number of people who are hoping to tune in to CMEpalooza have been asking about the times for specific presentations so they can set their schedules accordingly.  So, in the name of good customer service, I’m setting January 31 as the deadline for presentation submissions. It would be great to get them even earlier than that, but I know how some of you people work. So there you are – a deadline to shoot for. (Truth be told, if you contact me on March 1 with a presentation idea, I’ll probably still say yes, but don’t tell anyone I said that…)

As it currently stands, we have 255 minutes of confirmed presentation time scheduled, which my calculator tells me is 4 hours and 15 minutes. I have four other individuals who have given verbal commitments to present (you know who you are!) but have not yet officially submitted their presentations. That still leaves plenty of time for additional presentations to fill out the rest of the day. If you have an idea in mind that you want to run by me before submitting, feel free to send it my way.

And lastly, there’s no truth to the rumor that I’ll be changing the name of CMEpalooza to CMEpalooka, despite what I may have (accidentally) tweeted out in the past. Blast you, auto correct!!!

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