More CMEpalooza? Yes, please!

So when Derek and I crafted the schedule for CMEpalooza Fall, we purposely built in a break over lunch for several reasons.

First and foremost, it would give us a chance to take a breath and eat something. After all, a hungry Palooza co-producer is a grouchy Palooza co-producer.

Second, it would give our audience a break as well. We recognize that we’ve coordinated a very busy schedule and people are more likely going to pop in and out of the live sessions than sit through the whole day, so taking an hour off would be sensible from that standpoint as well.

Finally, we wanted to throw the carrot out there to anyone interested in a Gold Level Sponsorship that signing up would permit them to work with us to plan a Lunchtime Symposium that would fill in this open slot.

A pipe dream? Maybe. But, ah yes, sometimes Little Johnny, those pipe dreams come true…

And so it is that we are thrilled to announce that Genentech has signed on as the Gold Sponsor for CMEpalooza Fall. We are currently working on finalizing the panelists and specific details for this session, but the working title is “Incorporating Learning Systems and Quality Improvement Into Continuing Medical Education.” We’ll have further details on as plans solidify.

So now the question is, who wants to deliver us sandwiches at, say, 11:55 a.m.? We promise we’ll eat off camera. And wipe the mustard off our face.

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